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The Sartorial Sweater: SmartWeave Shirts

Ah, yesterday was the unofficial start of summer.  That clearly means that by the time June 21st rolls around, it will be that time.  What time you ask?  Well for me it means trying to stay cool and dry from the time I pull my key out of the door to the time I put it back in.  Schvitzing bullets is something I've come to accept but no less abhor.  What's worse than the unavoidable kiddie pool that will form on my forehead is the mere thought of sweat stains and arriving for the venue less the calm, cool, collected and dry.  

What will it take for me to arrive at the event, slip off my blazer and my shirt be unbothered by perspiration?  Enter SmartWeave!  They're the only dress shirts the prevent sweat marks with patented British technology ten years in the making, that draws the sweat from the skin while the outside stays cool and dry.  Skeptical?  I was a bit too till I saw a demonstration and realized they are most certainly onto something here.  Then I saw the range of cuts and fabric choices for the shirts and  was sold. 
SmartWeave offers their groundbreaking technology in three different cuts of traditional, tailored and slim.  The shirts range from about $100 to $115 and are fully customizable with collar, fit, trim, pattern, cuff, color and occasion options on the company's website.  What's smart, in addition to the technology, is that the option to customize and the range of fits for a broad cross section of guys makes this the quintessential shirt for the modern man.  It's a no-sweat, no-brainer!

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From Their Clothes To Your Clothes, But Always Your Way!: ASOS Menswear Fall 2014 Preview

The tiny jaunty little fresh carnation in a gentleman's lapel buttonhole.  The charismatic pair of cufflinks that appear when he reaches for his drink.  The revealing of a sock and it's unexpected fresh pops of color when a guy's leg is crossed.  It's these visual and impressionable little details added to a man's wardrobe that make menswear fun and personable.  How a downtown dude cuffs his jeans.  What kind of undershirt an uptown fella might layer under his shrunken sweatshirt.  How a hipster may pop the collar and push up the sleeves of his plaid button-down just so.  The way something is styled is what creates fashion dialogue and can bridge the gap between highbrow and lowbrow, expensive and bargain.  It's these little details added and the power of styling that make fashion beyond something just dictated to the men; it's a platform for men to shout from.

The broad offerings from ASOS Menswear have always given men a nice wide dais to shout/shop from.  For Fall 2014, their in-house label continues to give style-seeking men the options ranging from of-the-moment trendy to season-to-season staple.  

One of the things that ASOS Menswear offers to men is always a great on-point trending story.  For Fall 2014 one of the collections features easy clean somewhat sporty-inspired pieces that achieve a streamlined grown outcome with abstract printing and black & white graphics. Another collection pulls from the ease of local Americana with familiar flourishes and details like varsity apparel remixes and fun textured denim shirts.  

There is a great story told with a collection of color-blocked, textured and surface exaggerated pieces that have a a modern and somewhat abstract art feel to them.  The presence of unusual fabric pairings like classic menswear houndstooth with novelty knits and neoprene was fresh with a touch of whimsy.  Then the next collection ushered in the full whimsy.  Abstract and cheeky with otherworldly prints and wild embroidery in unexpected places made this collection one to express one's inner energy.  Finally Fall 2014 ASOS Menswear sees the return of the well-tailored garments featuring the ever-wonderful Harris Tweed.  Beautiful jackets, bombers and trousers peppered with fun stripes and also classic menswear details make this seem as though the company will have another hot selling collection on its hands.
So once again ASOS Menswear says wear it your way and gives you the option with which to do so and at their very approachable price points, how could you not!

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