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Cruise and In Control: Bottega Veneta Mens 2014/2105 Cruise Collection Preview

Now that you've hopefully gotten all the basics under your belt, let's have fun!  Oh, wait, perhaps you don't have all the basics together.  I'm assuming that by basics you know I'm referring to proper fit, appropriate weather to fabric pairings and up-to-date styling proportions.  Basics such as the distinct differences between classic and the shrunken, the appropriate time to break out the linen and stash the flannels and the right amount of taper for a cuffed khaki or the suitable ménage of the lapel/tie/collar trio. 
Well perhaps you're still learning and that's quite alright.  The visual may change slightly, but the framework remains the same.  That is the cornerstone that sets mens tailoring apart and gives it the classic strong appeal it retains.  However, while learning and applying (you remember elementary school) there was still time for recess.  That's what a cruise collection is like sometimes.  It can be that welcomed and necessary distraction in between Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections that say that 'learning to explore, run about and rest is just as pertinent as one's nose in a book.'

In walks the Bottega Veneta Mens 2014/2015 Cruise Collection.  This collection is a fun romp that concisely explores technique and color within the defined confines of the Tomas Maier Bottega man's polished but relaxed aesthetic.  Explored are ideas of dipped and dyed tailoring normally delegated to sportswear and explosive floral tie dyed motifs applied to grown man sweats.  Then vivid color ushers in to announce that where black was once how one really saw cut and pattern, great & easy tailoring is now the cool platform on which to dignify shocking color.  The subtleties of genteel pastels and layered sportswear each with a 'specialty item appeal' layered underneath the clothing finished this nice collection's narrative, not to mention the luxurious easy totes, briefcases and sporty luxe trainers.  Bottega Veneta Mens Cruise 2014/2015 tells of a learned, courageous and thinking gentleman who has the basics, knows the basics and now loosens his tie, slips the pennies out of his loafers and enjoys  a fun recess.

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