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With Liberty, It's Justice For All: Liberty Fairs Spring/Summer 2015 Recap Video

It happened last week in New York.  In my opinion, one of the best menswear trade shows that hits the city twice a year; Liberty Fairs.  This is where buyers, stylists and other trade professionals get to see the offerings for men from various local, national and international designers and grooming companies for the ensuing season ahead.  For example, last week Spring/Summer 2015 was on-hand and it was chock full of those handsome and deliberate nudges that make menswear so covetable and fresh while adhering to the cool pace at which men think, move, gravitate and shop.  See the highlights of the 3rd Liberty Fairs recapped below and try to get through this summer season since Spring 2015 will be upon us before you know it!

*Video courtesy of Liberty Fairs and Atif Ateeq

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Searching For Summer: Mens Summer Fragrance Review

What makes your summer definitive?  Is it that vacation you've patiently waited for through the cold and snow?  Perhaps it could be the amazing warm weather wardrobe that you've been toiling away at the gym in order to wear.  Maybe it's even the perchance to barbecue or beach tan.  Well for me it's kind of all of those things and one thing that I've noticed draws me every summer of late.  As expected as the must-read summer novel or July 4th box office blockbuster is my reliance on a picture-painting, fresh and clean summer fragrance.

Admittedly I have a nasal fixation and wish for everything to smell so fresh, so clean, so sexy and so delicious as often as possible.  So often to where I seek out how to keep my nostril's sensibilities pleased on the regular.  What I find with fragrances is that much as how one wants to awake smelling bacon & eggs to how one wants to smell & snuggle under fresh linens at night, I want scents that adhere to my daily hustle while plotting out my prospective night escapades.  However I fully realize that this may require more than one scent to convey the right olfactory pathos.  

Well the summer of 2014 has me adding two fragrances to my dresser top repertoire of scents.  First let me set the scene.  Fourth of July weekend in Washington DC, rooftop barbecuing with good friends, fireworks come nightfall and perfect temperatures.  It was fresh lively  fun in a with a cool nods to classic festivity!  It made perfect sense I was wearing Vince Camuto Homme. Truly not a heavy cloying fragrance but enough lingering punch to hold you with its notes of woodsy cedar and pine to balance the sweet happy lavender and juniper.  It's a fun and lasting fragrance that is welcoming even after a long summer day.  That classic and sweet balance clings delicately to the skin making it a nice go-to everyday scent.
Then enter last weekend.  Another perfect weather moment for a summer wedding.  Me wearing summer linen, with an air of distinction and little details that are hard to ignore.  So fitting I chose to wear Tommy Bahama Compass. Seemingly inspired by the surroundings of those tropical palms that don many of the ready to wear pieces, this fragrance has an underlying sexiness with its citrus notes lemon and grapefruit.  Balancing the citrus are the comforting notes of spicy pimento, sage, cedarwood, island rockrose and gray amber.  The classic and crisp balance of the spicy and sweet was so sexy on the skin and so fitting for my dapper linen pieces and unique definitive accessories.  This scent, after a long evening, winds down lovely with a masculine air and soft sweet lingering.

Define your new signature summer scent with Vince Camuto Homme available here and Tommy Bahama available here online.  Both scents also available at a Macy's near you.

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