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Dapper Is As Confidence's Grown: Hardy Amies Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Review

Some would say that it takes a lot of courage to truly be dapper.  I say it takes a lot of confidence to be dapper.  Does it take a lot of courage to be confident?  Not really?  It's instinctual involving a sense of what's right based on how one is attuned and informed with what is available and with oneself.  Dapper is well-dressed with a masculine, somewhat tailored and polished edge.  He could be a dandy but he doesn't have to be.  It takes an understanding of menswear, both high and low brow, and the acute sensibility to know when to pair what with what, when to take something away and when enough is enough.  Confidence supersedes the contrived.   

Enter Sir Hardy Amies, the venerable menswear line that makes the confident feel right at home.  Take their Fall 2014 collection for example.  It's a brilliant collection of tailored menswear inspired by the age-old occupation of spy-dom well before the black hi-tech marauding gear.  Jet-setting tailoring with an easy air for packing and traveling and a penchant to adapt to every country's idea of the intriguing, intellectual well-dressed male are the keys and still maintaining the security of arriving 'dappered-out' to the event.  

What's nice about a Hardy Amies collection is the way in which the execution makes tailoring look so effortless.  Although we know it's a delicate balance of knowing fabric, fit, structure, technique and hand, the end result is always exquisite approachable menswear that allow men to exist.  The clothing only enhances.  You can walk more confidently knowing that your suit is well-made and your clothing has a sophisticated worldly elegance, even if espionage is your game.

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