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Post Labor Day White Thru New Years Night: ASOS Menswear Holiday 2014 Preview

So Labor Day is here and will shortly be over and done with.  Which means that in a matter of weeks we will be inundated with Columbus Day advertisements, followed by Halloween mailers, then Thanksgiving sales.  Hopefully by then you would've gotten over the fact that the summer seemed super short this year (at least for me it did).  Well I do look towards the upcoming autumnal equinox and winter solstice with a bit of optimism.  It's another season to form great layered combinations and get back to menswear staples like camel hair, cashmere, leather and tweed even if one can no longer lay out by the beach in them.  I've learned to shake it off and gather a bit of excitement about the upcoming seasons.  After all, while the moodiness and the changing earth tones to grey tones may usher in, fashion remains just as exciting as the previous two seasons with the main differences only being that there's a chill in the air and we're significantly more covered up.

So let me brief you in case the warm weather is still on your brain.  When the chill rolls in along with the ideas of turkey, dressing, dreidels and yule tides so do the chances to pair together some amazing menswear combinations of wools, leathers, plaids and heathers.  You'll want to buy it all and after all why shouldn't you when you have amazing sites like ASOS.

Did you think for one second that ASOS wouldn't have you completely covered for the Holiday season whether you're dressing or gifting?  Inspired by all that is current in menswear at prices that can leave one appropriately attired without breaking the bank, ASOS continues their successful offerings of nicely tailored garments rendered in Harris Tweed.  Add to the mix the whimsy of print-mashing & nostalgic imagery and the merging of the tailoring and the sporty and what they're proposing for the holidays is a slightly more refined continuation of their Fall offerings.  It's just now dazzled up and as always giving that streamlined modern edge, with familiar classic nods that today's men want.  Your holidays are now at ease leaving you free to focus on the never-ending cycle which leaves Valentine's and President's Day right around the corner.

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