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Frenetically Shoed: United Nude Sample Sale

So it should be no surprise that I fully support the notion that shoes make the world go round.  They're the cherry toppers, that finishing touch and the often overlooked bit of something that makes or breaks an outfit.  Men express themselves with ties, pocket squares, hats, cuff links and color but let's never forget the lower halves of our bodies.  Shoes express and inspire and continue to provide a telling look at the mind of the well-dressed man.  

With that said, why not add to your shoe collection?  I know I will starting the 18th as United Nude will have one of their largest sample sales ever in New York City.  Charismatic, whimsical, dapper and refreshing, United Nude's footwear always walks the good lines of design and comfort.  Check out the deets below:

United Nude Sample Sale
November 18-23
146 West 29th Street 
New York, NY 10001

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