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The New Creature Comforts: Schaller & Weber Masters of Charcuterie

Macaroni and Cheese.  Mashed Potatoes.  Warm Apple Pie.  Hearty Country Stew.  Lasagna.  Classic and rustic.  All-American and cozy.  Hefty and filling.  Comfort foods have rarely changed although they are often tweaked by 'Auntie This' or 'Nana That' with spices and pantry secrets.  They almost seem to stick by a set of rules to achieve that comfort factor with the ensuing result of such rules being a happy case of 'on the couch'-itis.  While issues may have arisen like the 'free-zoning' (gluten, dairy, sugar, etc.), there always seems to be that satisfaction factor that is always sought out with a good comfort food no matter what ingredient you have to omit or substitute.

As you get older and times change you personally tweak your comfort food choices to suit the areas of your life that you have come to swear by for culinary nirvana.  So it makes sense that as flavors become more accessible on a global level, we adopt them into our rotation for greater stomach satisfaction.  For me personally, I have come to love my cured meats, cheesy everything and a well-made cocktail.  Bacon not only makes me salivate but it mentally satisfies me as well as a great pizza with a delicious array of tantalizing toppings.  Then round everything off with a great 'lay back and relax in my chair' Old Fashioned, G & T, Dark & Stormy or Margarita.  

I recently discovered some new foods to add to my comfort food rotation.  My new comfort foods are from the over 70 year old New York-based master charcuterie of Schaller & Weber.  Before you Google charcuterie just know that basically this company does meat and does it well.  A world of 'wursts', sausages for the gods and brats with bite are among just a few of the things that Schaller & Weber has been succeeding at since 1937.  They offer a bevy of culinary meat varieties like great sausages, amazing cold cuts, flavorful salamis & cervelats and unforgettable cooked & smoked meats.  Then since you can't have meats without the trimmings, Schaller & Weber offers delicious mustards, pickles and sauerkrauts as well.

That night I discovered my new comfort, I fell in love in particular with two facets of the company that keeps them winning awards.  They offer deliciously smooth and rich pâtés & spreads, one of which I absolutely fell in love with at first bite.  Their Liver Pâté with Truffles is just simply out of the world good.  The fragrant distinct truffle doesn't overpower the full iron flavor and delightfully light texture of the liver.  They both conspired to make a really noteworthy pâté.  The second comfort no brainer that night was Schaller & Weber's Double Smoked Bacon.  Perfectly smoky & sinful and wonderfully salty & flavorful, this had to be quite possibly the best bacon I had ever tasted (and let me tell ya', poppa has tasted his share of bacons). 

You can't let just anyone determine comfort for you or anything define comfort for you.  Your comfort foods have to speak to what makes you comfortable and what satisfies you.  The winning line-up from Schaller & Weber coupled with their tenure in the world of charcuterie is what seals the deal and makes the comfort-factor believable.  Next is the taste.  The satisfying taste.  Get comfy!

Schaller & Weber products are available now online here, at the address below and select locations nationwide.  Check the list of restaurants and retailers here.

Schaller & Weber
1654 Second Avenue @ 86th Street 
New York, NY 10002

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