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When Cold Creeps In, Menswear Bites Back: Rochambeau Fall 2015 Menswear Collection Review

Given the state of this past winter in New York City I have officially dubbed any New Yorker who persevered through this manic depressive weather, a trooper.  However, not just a trooper of the 'braving the extremes' connotation, but also a trooper of visual sort.  With all the scarves and hoods and straps and things tucked in and layers to be revealed, my fellow natives this season have been donned up like they're ready for combat in subterranean regions more than just on their way from home to office.

While the consistent layering and peeling out may be more than a bit draining, this is the only time of year where more is necessarily better.  Or is it?  There's actually something quite attractive about knowing how to equip, how to layer and how to insulate what article where in order to achieve a nirvana between form and function.  That was what I took away from the Rochambeau Fall 2015 Mens Collection during fashion week.  Attractive, aggressive and attuned form that had function.

However, focus more on the attractive part.  Since the modern man wants to be warm like a Himalayan sherpa without actually looking like he swapped out his duffel bag for a pick axe.  The collection that Rochambeau designers Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper showed featured a melange of textiles that focus on winter, references that nodded towards utilitarian and styles that united the two in fresh ready-to-wear fashion.

Open weave textiles fashioned into cozy pullovers and oversized scarves were placed over airmen style trousers and mechanic suits.  Side release closures replaced traditional buttons and zips on trim tailored overcoats, vests and mechanic suits.  That warm looks didn't necessarily warrant a coat to get the message told more about the message of layering and defiantly approaching the cold weather.  Some stand out looks were a great handwoven sweater with matching pants, an oversized Rochambeau logo great shawl and and cool zip front long flight-style parka with a knit turtleneck attached.  

What was nice about the Rochambeau Fall 2015 Collection were that the masculine identifiers were not overwrought.  The collection was wearable, tactilely comfortable and easy to integrate into an already existing wardrobe.  The youthful verve of the collection was aggressive in styling, but didn't take away from what the designers were trying to convey.  Come this Fall, this will be a collection of great sportswear separates and realistic layers for a man attuned to style and staying warm while being in style.  Being cold and style-less do not go well together.

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