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My Life In Scents: Tommy Bahama 'Island Life' and Vince Camuto 'Solare' Fragrance Review

It's funny how the psyche works.  We can be aware of instances that can occur all year long but only when immersed in the moment do we really become acknowledging of their influence in our life experiences.  For example, you know summer's right around the bend when you spy the last bit of snow melt away or the first cluster of saplings pop up but we wait till the first hot day to pick up new warm weather attire.  Perhaps our desire to live in the moment makes us only worry about today the day of.  You'll take tomorrow as it will and may come.  Maybe we rely on the real time actual presence to remind us of the desirous familiarity pertaining to the joy of the experience as it happens.  

So when the summer season rolls around we instantaneously remember how much we love the rooftop soirees, the iced platters of clams on the half shell or that feeling of the perfect beach weekend ahead.  What drives my summer zeitgeist is reminiscing on some of the things that made me fall in love with summer as a child and how I commemorate them now as an adult.  The capturing lightening bugs in June, the state to state vacations in the family Suburban, the looking out at my sunny and leafy backyard on a school-free morning and the cool feel and soothing hum of the AC all conspire to create a picture of summer in my head that you can almost feel.

How I've translated my summer nostalgia into adulthood is by attaching what I love now to how I remember loving my life then.  The clothes, the sounds, the sights and the smells all play a pivotal role.  The sartorially connected gent in me is especially in sync to the finishing presence of a powerful aroma.  Two new fragrances that take me back this summer with their celebration of the season are Tommy Bahama 'Island Life' and Vince Camuto 'Solare'.

First up, Tommy Bahama 'Island Life'  reminds me of my early childhood trip to Jamaica. I distinctly remember the difference in the flavors and smells from American life to Jamaican life.  The hand-picked citrus, the fragrant fresh spices and the warm air of the lush vegetation and the sea was so distinctly un-American that it left an impression on me.  When I first tried 'Island Life'  it was both warm and masculine while being tropical and spicy.  The top notes of crisp bergamot, geranium, nutmeg, artemisia and tarragon seemed to recreate a delicious English/Jamaican-inspired breakfast sensation with the fresh sweet and soothing herbs and spices.  Anchoring the freshness notes are the sexier and more woodsy notes of cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli and ambrox that lend an organic island country-esque vibe and add a sensual warmth to this enticing fragrance.

When I first smelled Vince Camuto 'Solare' I was instantly taken to my front yard in the summertime on a perfect day growing up.  Some days my brother and I would find ourselves selling our special lemonade in front of the yard.  Incorporating fresh oranges and limes into the blend, the smell of that lemonade combined with the warm summer air, the fresh flowers mom always had around the front walk and the huge oak-like tree right behind our stand created an aroma that was distinctly summer just like 'Solare'.  The delectable top notes of juicy mandarin, red apple, wild sage, cardamom and french lavender create a wonderfully refreshing sweet comfort to this fragrance.  Meanwhile, the base notes of tonka leaves, musk, creamy blonde and cashmere woods add that outdoorsy woody element that makes this a strong yet sensual masculine fragrance with a delightful softness once it mellows out.

These will be my new summertime fragrances.  I think I'll use Tommy Bahama 'Island Life' for a bold mannish evening scent and Vince Camuto 'Solare' for a sweet yet macho daytime scent.  Surprisingly enough, both fragrances even smell great when layered together.  Perhaps that'll create too much nostalgia; but I say its worth it since the first day of autumn will be here before you know it. 

Tommy Bahama 'Island Life' is available at and Vince Camuto 'Solare'   at and both are also available at Macy's nationwide.   

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