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Quite Sartorial In Spirit: Tanqueray Bloomsbury Limited Edition London Dry Gin Review

So for no other reason than that I was a bit on tequila overload this summer, I hereby dub this October the 'Month of Gin'.  Why gin?  Well, why not?  Let's chalk it up to the fact that this colder weather sends me back over to 'that' side of my closet again.  You know that side where all the flannels, chunky knits, down-quilted this, Harris Tweed that and double-faced wools live.  The overcoat has a place off of its seasonal hanger again and my fedoras and driver caps can comfortably perch atop my head again without fear of sweat.  In other words, its the classic time for what really says menswear to shine.  A man can't step out in a handsomely tailored overcoat, spongily cozy cable knit sweater, perfectly cropped grey flannel trousers and this season's coveted camel Chelsea boot and not feel like the ultimate gentleman.  So my gin-dubbing exists since nothing a gent can hold in his hand besides an attaché or cashmere-lined gloves says more gent than a perfect gin cocktail.  

Many gins exist, but if I have peak double-breasted lapels and longwing brogues on the brain, then it stands to reason that the benchmark of gins lie in the hands of London's own Tanqueray.  A perfect dry gin, Tanqueray has served to become the gentleman's gin.  This year it has gone on to tantalize blokes with Tanqueray Bloomsbury.  

Part of what makes Tanqueray Bloomsbury special is its history.  This recipe was originally crafted by Charles Waugh Tanqueray in the 1880s who improved upon his family's recipe with added elements, the biggest of which being Italian berries, coriander, angelica and classically juniper berries.  The result, named after the city where Charles' developed the recipe, is a smooth and crisp flavor with a hidden pop of sweetness.  However, the dry low-key tartness of the gin is preserved to create a flavor profile that is familiar with a twist.  The underlying notes of coriander and angelica usher in a fresh, dare I say slightly herbal, flavor that balances perfectly with the berries without sacrificing the essence of the gin.

For my sampling of this delightful gin, I kept it nice and easy which allowed me to experience the true heart of the flavor.  I enjoyed Tanqueray Bloomsbury with a a touch of soda and a combination of Meyer lemon and lime zests.  It was very soothing and delicious and quite distinguished in its finish.  So distinguished in fact, I slipped on a herringbone topper and enjoyed the rest of my glass while flipping through my Fall Mens September issues.  Hey, it's what gents do!

Tanqueray Bloomsbury is a Limited Edition offering and available now at your finer wine, spirit and liquor retailers worldwide.

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