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The Ties That Bind: Skinny Tie Madness

So I've been on quite a roll it seems.  This year was Curaçao, Toronto and Saint Martin and just one week ago I was wave-jumping, enjoying absurdly warm pool water and eating some of the best grilled octopus and pernil mofongo I've ever had in Puerto Rico.  It seems that I've learned to enjoy what I love in dressing but now in traveling.  What do I love in dressing?  The aspect of interchangeability, the excitement of the new, the integration into my existing wardrobe and the synchronizing with my mood.  What do I now love with traveling?  Being a foodie with cuisines outside of the five boroughs, the temporary trading of my safe home space for a polished away space, the existing in a place where you (if only for a week or so) have to re-establish your persona to a new crop of locals and finding a sweet balance of clothing and accessories that's packable into the dimensions of a suitcase and carry-on.  

Now when I combine the two I wind up with wonderful keepsakes like a silver cage ring from San Juan or a coconut beaded bracelet from St. Martin and great memories from the sight and touch of the cottons and linens that traveled with me.  With that in mind, when packing for San Juan I grabbed two cool ties from Skinny Tie Madness.  Perfectly packable and not fussy for the seaside, their 'Bandana Bandit' and 'Dry Dreams' worked great with my airy linens and slim seersuckers yet had enough cool factor for my tattered denims, avant chambrays and a couple of my own vintage tie clips.

Tantamount to the expressiveness of a pocket square, sock or cufflink is the coolness of a tie.  With more men becoming much more comfortable with donning a button-up and tie and blazer, the idea of the fun tie has become the sartorial t-shirt in a sense.  You pair it with a fussy button down to take yourself less seriously or you match it up with a denim-esque collard shirt for a new remix on 'casual with denim'.  Broader ties suggest more classic while skinnier cool-factor ties have become the new message sender for the sartorial guy similar to the way the expressive/logo tee was for the 80s and 90s guy.  Skinny Tie Madness is a company that is continuing in the trend of the modern look of a skinnier tie by giving men options to loosen up by enjoying ties in easy familiar fabrics and prints. allows men to choose a tie according to color, width, style genre and fabrication affordably and offers a variety of ties, pocket squares, tie clips and bowties that'll speak to the modern man that has something to say through his tailoring.  

The more integrated tailoring and its accessories become is the more men will seek ways in which to distinguish their take on how they communicate through their own personal adornment.  Skinny Tie Madness is one way by which they can do so while still arriving properly attired for the affair.

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