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Come One, Drink All: Teeling Whiskey Review

Why does everyone usually bring a bottle to a holiday party?  Possibly it could be that it's easier to choose a red or white than figure out who's gluten-free or dairy free.  Perhaps it may be a bit simpler to ponder an imported or a domestic spirit rather than gnashing your teeth over the GMO, organic, grass-fed and locally grown conundrums.  When did alcohol become the universal language?  Maybe it was when people became so intoxicated that they really didn't care what anyone was saying as long and the ale was pouring.  Well whatever the reasoning, that universal language seems to be spoken by all who want to have a good time and the the desire to just sip a nice drink and lighten up.

While I could find problems within the universal language, I choose rather to find solutions.  Choosing one, as some would have it could be a taxing dilemma, so I say choose it all.  Just do it in doses.  That's what Teeling Whiskey has done with their Trinity Pack.  Direct from Dublin comes Teeling Whiskey, that has been producing non-chill filtered, aged mature whiskey since 1782 (Yes, you read that correctly).  

My choice for an appropriate holiday sampler for your intended host or hostess, after their guests have gone the hell home, is the Teeling Whiskey Trinity's Pack.  This pack offers Teeling's classic in a neatly packaged handsome set that contains one 5CL bottle of their Single Grain, smooth and satisfying, Small Batch, unique and cultivated and their Single Malt, deep and robust Irish Whiskies.  This pack can give the taster a nice cocktail featuring each of the brand's infamous patented recipes (or just sample them yourself and pick your favorite to give as a gift; either way you can't lose).

Find the Teeling Whiskey varieties at your finer wine and spirit retailers and as always please remember to drink and share responsibly this holiday season.

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