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Happily Seeing RED: Perry Ellis RED For Men

Today being National Fragrance Day, I've got aromas on the brain.  I've known for quite some time that I have a nasal fixation.  Well that's what I refer to it as.  It could be on the stovetop in a skillet or sitting on top of the dresser in a glass spray bottle, but there's something about the pleasant smell of something.  Although one person's pleasant is another person's disdain, there's grown in me an olfactory pull towards aromas that make me form a warm smile.  Admittedly it wasn't always that way.  While I was younger, I became drawn to cologne out of the newness of doing something manly.  Then it became all about wearing fragrances to distinguish myself tantamount to how our clothing distinguishes us personally.  In my more seasoned years, it became all about a balance of being drawn to pleasant aromas that not just serve to conjure up memories but also complement and not cover up.  Today it seems to be a blended balance of all those characteristics to make sure my scent has the right amount of sweet, spicy, heavy, light, familiar or foreign.  

I have a bevy of scents in my arsenal from classics to new-founds.  I came across Perry Ellis RED recently and decided that it must join the ranks on my fragrance shelf.  Taking my current fragrance nirvana into consideration, I was drawn to Perry Ellis RED for men due to it deep aroma of spiciness and woodiness with the underlying sweetness.  

Let me dissect for you.  Perry Ellis RED for men features top notes of juniper berries, which I adore as a main element in one of my favorite spirits, gin.  Italian bergamot is another top note that is the backbone of my favorite morning tea, Earl Grey.  The third top note of Sichuan pepper which I find in many of the dishes of one of my top three cuisines, Korean.  So the fragrance brings about a nasal familiarity that when blended with the other deeper notes of red apple, red leather, amber, sage, cream oak moss and sandalwood brings about subtle memories of culinary and olfactory pleasantry.  Whereas some fragrances bring about feeling of being fresh or clean smelling, Perry Ellis RED definitely sways more towards the alluring almost seductive side with its full spicy and saccharine aroma that is cut and balanced beautifully by the subtleties of herbal and ligneous.  
Choose to wear your fragrances as you see fit, but I see this as more of an evening fragrance when a little goes a long way and you're seeking to entice at that first lean in.  Welcome Perry Ellis RED into your fragrance collection today, this National Fragrance Day, with a trip to your local Macy's or by visiting  RED retails for $65.00 for 3.4 fl. oz./100 ml. and a Perry Ellis weekender will be gifted for each purchase of that size while supplies last.   

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