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Old Charm, New Time: Henry London Timepieces

So there is much truth to the fact that we live in a digital age.  While I relish in staying cyber and  technologically connected, there's a certain 'pencil in hand' side of me that thinks not everything tech-savvy is better.  I'm more of a purist when it comes to certain shiny new gadgets that are lit up and spit-shined to catch our fading by the minute attention spans.  So I choose to write my notes down rather than type them, would rather pick out my own fruit than Fresh Direct it than key it in and I'd rather wear a classic timepiece than an Apple watch.  

Being the clotheshorse that I am used to mean clothes above all else.  However, as I got older I began to really get into how the quality of my choices far outweigh the quantity of many choices.  I'm fairly new to the watch game but I think its very timeless (no pun intended) and suave to have a collection of beautiful wristwatches.  There's something quite elegant about receiving the time from a wristwatch with classic gears as opposed to a digital backlight.  
I recently discovered the wristwatches from Henry London and was suddenly reminded of why I'm loving watches more and more.  The coordination, the options, the charm that feels new and missing from modern tech gadgets came though full throttle with Henry London's watches.  One of the designers of Henry London came across a strikingly handsome vintage watch at the famed Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill, London with the inscription "Henry Auguste 1965" engraved on the case back and was instantly in awe.  Inspired by the beauty of this find with its attention to the Old Watch craftsmanship and technical detail, each Henry London timepiece boasts an angled case, high double dome lens, a subtle curved dial and elongated hands.

The effect is quite suave and somewhat regal which makes each timepiece seem more personal, like it was labored and fawned over.  Actually it was, with notes like Milanese stainless steel mesh and supple soft leather bands that are fashioned in a palette of characteristic colors and heritage shades.  Henry London's collection is truly inspired by the city of its birth with each collection of mens and ladies timepieces being named after popular London tube stations like Highgate, Piccadilly, Westminster, Hammersmith and Pimlico.  The only hard part in my opinion is finding which Old World influenced charmer speaks to your new world inner gentleman.

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