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Orange Is The New Black: Orange Culture Fall/Winter 2016 Collection Review

What is it about seeing rich saturated colored clothing that can be just as stimulating as intricately fashioned patterns constructed in a stark neutral color?  Following that same inference, what is it that's so seemingly orgasmic when the balance between body and garment is achieved?  This was generally creeping through my psyche when first glancing upon the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection of Orange Culture.
Wrought by the insightful ideas of the adroit mind of the under 30 year old Nigerian designer Adebayo Oke-lawal, Orange Culture offers up design-driven covetable contemporary menswear.  Notice I didn't say African menswear since today fashion is a global phenomenon that doesn't just rest within the confines of the designer's place of birth.  So Oke-lawal may be Nigerian but, judging by his past collections and presence at the Pitti Uomo, he's taken influences from everything like the avant-gardism of Japan, the sportswear verve of the US, the patented tailoring of London and the polished sophistications of Paris and Italy. 
These influences have all been under the umbrella of honoring Nigeria's natural geographical beauty and seasoned heritage through traditions like print, color and fabrications.  Orange Culture's Fall 2016 collection is no different as it showcases a sign of the times as well.  No longer taking a backseat to Eurocentric norms, a modern label, like Orange Culture now unabashedly celebrates its perspective and draws prospective consumers in by appealing to the universal languages that span across all areas of menswear today.  Those areas include quality, heritage, individuality, expression and globalization mingled to create an introspective, some dare say vain, modern male.  
The color in this collection is so beautifully saturated and lends a rich sumptuous air to the novelty knits, lush velvets, slick linens and buttery skins.  The silhouettes have a modern sportswear edge to them and examine easy full cuts made more so by the comfort of natural fibers.  The prints and embroidery tinge on the traditional but have an updated global appeal to them as they could easily be integrated with denim and minimal sportswear separates or even traditional tailoring.    
The collection took root from the idea of what communication would be like without senses.  So the rich colors, collaborative bespoke crochet pieces from Ed Goth, provocative silhouettes and minimal texts printed on tops adorning the strikingly handsome models all evoke a vibrant collection with a visual and tactical 'something to say'.  Enjoy these  stunning images and make sure to check stockists later on this year for Orange Culture's Fall/Winter 2016 Collection.

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