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The City That Never Sleeps, Also Sails: Hornblower Cruises & Events

Make no mistakes about it, New Yorkers live in one of the greatest cities in the world.  Accessibility, action, culture and diversity are all found buzzing, bustling around, nestled here and bursting there in this metropolis.  Now on the flip side, it's not perfect.  Randomly thinking, the transit system needs overhauling, the people seem to be moving in faster than the infrastructure can sustain them and if you find a clear patch of grass on which to spread a blanket on a perfect summer day then on some level you've hit some very sought-after, ever-shrinking real estate.  For in this grand city, there are the lows of overcrowding, congestion and pollution, but for a city boasting nearly 8.5 million people, that can often be dealt with as long as there's the highs of art, cuisine, tucked-away little unknown corners and of course roads out of town to escape along.

However, what about escaping on a pathway a little less gritty and a lot less jammed up than the BQE or I-95?  So picture this!  Me, a native New Yorker with a penchant for a great spirit and a tall bottle of rosé, having nothing great to do on St. Patrick's Day in lieu of all the bar crawls and parade-mongering.  Then I get an invitation that not only saves my St. Patty's Day, saves me from a collegiate bar crawl and restores my faith in my beloved city but also manages to to it by changing my perspective.  Normal perspective says "the city is a great city".  Looking at the city from an 'outside' perspective says "the city rocks".  My first cruise with Hornblower Cruises & Events did just that to my New York State of Mind perspective.

When you look up and travel over them, skyscrapers and bridges seem like just a part of your reliable everyday visions.  From the deck of Sensation, one of Hornblower Cruises' luxury yachts, the city became real again.  I saw the layers of Old New York and reborn New York from the vantage point of  its waterways with the rebuilding of downtown to the beautifully weathered silent voice of the Brooklyn Bridge to the quiet regal beauty of Lady Liberty.  On St. Patty's Day, Hornblower Cruises allowed me to see my city as a still, handsome, layered puzzle of steel, stone, glass and concrete while appropriately toasting to one of the many events that unify the often discordant city and show why it's the great melting pot that it is.  

Now while it is a great place to take in the city, a Hornblower Cruise is also a place to imbibe in some revelry and create a memorable massage for senses.  Want to have a party for a co-worker, soiree for an organization or a reception following nuptials, then Sensation, the particular yacht I was on, can comfortably hold up to 475 guests.  It boasts an exterior sky deck with two more decks with dance floors on each below, state of the art sound and HDTV systems and of course impressive fully-stocked bars on each deck.  So you can get a drink pretty much anywhere on-board and go watch the sunset or get your groove-on on the dance floor to the sounds of seasoned DJs that can move the crowd.  

What's nice about what Hornblower Cruises & Events has to offer is the chance to celebrate an event or occasion in polished New York style while taking in the city's most amazing views without being planted on terra-firma.  If you head on over to their website, you'll find that Hornblower is pretty much planning to celebrate just as often as you do with Mother's and Father's Day cruises, After 5 cruises, Jazz brunch cruises and even Fourth of July cruises.  Then think ahead and take it a step further to plan your send-offs, birthday parties, live music showcases, retirement parties, party promotions or even get creative and have Game-day parties or culinary tastings on board.  Trust me, the views of the city and the experience will make the life-experiences you're planning all the more memorable with the great photo ops and luxury accommodations.  See a full list of the upcoming regular and themed cruises and all the different sized yachts Hornblower has to offer from the cool Infinity to the sleek Hybrid now that the season is underway.  Broaden your perspective and see how much of a beautiful thing it is to be able to celebrate the New York way on the waterway.

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  1. This post looks amazing and the city's waterway never looked so good



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