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He'll Really Want Rotter For Father's Day: Tommy Rotter Distillery Gin Review

I strongly believe that this is the Fathers Day to say bye bye to the same old go-to's for dad.  Has he really worn that tie yet?  Does he even need a fragrance set with five items he doesn't even use anyway?  Will he ever try to synch that gadget to his phone...I mean it's been almost a whole year already.  Perhaps what dad needs is more realism and less projecting.  Projecting is one thinking that dad has a yen to learn how to keep his coffee warm with his own mug warmer.  Realism sets in when one discovers that the only drink dad really relishes in is that stiff cocktail at the end of a crazy work day.

Well if you're looking to kill two birds with one stone on Sunday and thereafter then may I suggest a gin I tasted recently that kinda wowed me.  Tommy Rotter Distillery Gin is a small batch produced gin with flavor and character produced in Buffalo, New York.  When you think small batch, think a more controlled center of flavor where ingredients don't get lost in too big a fold.  This is what you have with this spirit.  Tommy Rotter Gin has recently won awards at the San Francisco World Spirits and Denver International Spirits Competitions due to its unique flavor profile that involves a blend of herbals, fruits, roots and flowers.  The result is a surprisingly smooth gin with a beginning of the soothing herbals and earthy spicy roots and a fresh finish of the pleasantly sweet fruits and aromatic cleansing flowers.  I tried Tommy Rotter Gin in a classic G & T with a twist of lime and the tasting just became a pleasing rush of freshness as the citrus played nicely off of the seasoned notes of the spirit.

Is it apropos to give dad a spirit on Father's Day?  I say with Tommy Rotter it is when you know he's a man who enjoys a nicely executed cocktail.  It's sure to go faster than questionable bottle of designer cologne.  

Tommy Rotter Distillery Gin is available now at your finer spirits, wines and alcohol retailers and as always please remember to drink (and gift) responsibly.

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