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Tip Your Hat To Tequila Today: Tequila Corralejo Silver Review for National Tequila Day

I probably should observe this day as a national holiday considering how much of this spirit I actually drink.  It is the base of my drinks of choice when partaking in year round revelry.  I may stray at times but I always come back home to The One.  Also, having just recently discovered how well it goes with espresso has made me even more smitten with its fresh slick consistency.  I am talking none other than tequila.  How fitting that my beloved tequila has its own national day, which is today.

Usually, I'll go margarita or straight up on the rocks with extra lime.  As the night winds down I switch to it blended with a nice espresso that has a tap of sweetness for a nice dose of two uppers that make for a quite comfortable sipper.  However,  I discovered a wonderful 20 year old brand recently that reignited for me how wonderful tequila is.  Tequila Corralejo is an honestly good and better tequila brand.  I recently sampled and made an awesome cocktail with Tequila Corralejo Silver and was quite impressed with the crispness.  There's something about a 100% agave tequila that is made in Mexico, honestly batched and labored over that makes a sip an experience and an empty glass a great memory (not to mention an excuse to pour another).

Tequila Corralejo Silver is glassy and smooth.  Younger than the Anejo but more seasoned than the Reposado, this Silver evokes a slight fresh vibrant citrus note with that root-like herbal undertone tequila can have.  It also has the slightest subtlest tap of sweet on the clean finish to make this a quick and satisfying sip.  That's what I love sometimes about silvers.  This Tequila Corralejo Silver is so crisp that it almost feels therapeutic.  That thinking led me to try to this cocktail recipe I found as the ingredients matched the simplicity of the tequila while adding a subtle verdant loveliness on their own.

Cucumber Tequila Cooler

1 1/2 ounces of Tequila Corralejo Silver™ Tequila
1 ounce of fresh Lime juice from 1 - 2 limes
2 ounces of Chilled Seltzer
1 four inch section of Celery
1 two inch section of Cucumber
1/2 ounce of Agave Nectar
1 Pinch of Sea Salt

Slice celery into 1/2 inch slices with salt to a cocktail shaker then muddle in the bottom.  Then add cucumber and agave and muddle for about 20 seconds.  Add lime juice and tequila and fill shaker with 2/3 of ice then shake about 20 seconds and serve in a highball glass.  Add celery and cucumber to garnish if desired. 

This was such a refreshing summer cocktail.  Everything about it from the crisp Tequila Corralejo Silver to the cleansing notes of the celery, cucumber, bubbly seltzer and pop of sweet from the agave made this a great cocktail to serve with a fresh summer salad, tray of briny raw oysters, or a great meat/cheese/veggie crudité platter.  You can also just put your feet up and enjoy it on its own, after all, it is an (unofficial) national holiday.  

Tequila Corralejo Silver can be found at your finer alcohol, wine and spirit stores and as always please remember to drink repsonsibly.

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