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Refreshingly Great In Twelve Ounces: WtrMln Wtr Review

It must truly be called the lazy days of summer for a reason.  Now while I can't speak for anyone else, I'll look for any excuse to take it easy in the summer heat.  It's almost as if the heat to me is tantamount to kryptonite to Superman as it seems to suck all the life out of me.  I may be dating myself here but (so what) whenever I have a refreshing beverage or meal in the summertime it feels like when the Decepticons or the Autobots would get all their energy back after imbibing on energon cubes.  Didn't get the reference?  Get this reference!  I have an intense yen for my body temperature to be refreshed and my energy brought back to life in the summertime.  

There's a thing I swear by all summer until it's no longer available and that's enjoying copious amounts of fresh watermelon.  Sometimes I'll just forgo a meal and enjoy a tray of the deliciously sweet and fresh cubed loveliness and at once become hydrated and satisfied.  So admittedly, when Wtrmln Wtr (Watermelon Water) first caught my eye in Wholefoods my initial thinking was "Eh, it's probably just lots of added sugar and coloring in a cute bottle".  Fast forward to a couple days ago and the pleasant way in which my favorite fruit just became my favorite drink too.

What's great about Wtrmln Wtr is that it is unadorned.  It's not masquerading as the great original.  It is the great original!  The ingredients are simple (and comprehensible) as there are only three: watermelon flesh, watermelon rind and organic lemon juice.  That's it!  Add to the fact that the health properties of watermelon juice are listed in detail right on every bottle of Wtrmln Wtr which has suddenly made this my new quick go-to for electrolytes, muscle recovery and my new hangover cure.    If you're less concerned with the benefits and are just all about the taste then have at it!  Add Wtrmln Wtr to a cocktail and enjoy a Watermelon-rita, a spiked watermelon-ade, or a mimosa made with WtrMln Wtr instead.  

Pick up Wtrmln Wtr at your better local grocer now and turn what could be a 20 pound lug home into a 12 ounce treat.

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