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A Reason To Enjoy The Grape Again: Just The Wine Product Review

There was a time in my mid to late twenties when I could ingest anything and bounce back like a rubber band.  Fast forward fifteen years later and a hefty plate of pasta could put me out of commission for a day or so.  Times and unfortunately our bodies and digestive systems change.  For example, I remember many a Saturday evening when I would leave my part time job of years ago and spend the night drinking merlot and enjoying antipasti at a quaint Italian eatery till I closed the joint.  Again, fast forward to today and, more often than not, I take two sips of a glass of red and it hits my body like the equivalent of ingesting more than the recommended dosage of a box of Unisom tablets.  

I've gotten accustomed to the spirits with tequila and whiskey becoming my vices, however, I still have an intense yen for the warm and spicy, often woodsy, faintly sweet taste of a good red wine.  So staying within the present day, my 40th birthday was looming and I planned an epic trip to Lisbon, Barcelona and Casablanca.  Naturally a problem ensued.  I couldn't possibly be in Portugal or Spain without imbibing of their seasoned cultivation of the delicious grape.  That's when I was given the opportunity to try Just The Wine.

The idea behind Just The Wine is all in its name.  Just The Wine wants you to enjoy just the wine and not the sleepiness, body aches and lethargy that can come with drinking red wines.  Sulfites are the natural ingredients that make red wine become a thing of dread and Just The Wine diminishes the effect of those sulfites with just a few tiny drops.  Skeptical?  Well I can tell you that while I sipped plenty of rosés overseas, I was also able to enjoy a brilliant Spanish aged Tempranillo and a spicy Portuguese Vinho do Porto without having to seek my hotel bed immediately afterwards.

Just The Wine is a nice tasteless, odorless way to enjoy the darker grape that you may have been missing.  You need very little (only about 3 drops) to diminish the sulfites in a six ounce glass of red wine and the tiny bottle can fit neatly inside a purse, pant or jacket pocket.  Give it a try, after all, the sulfites are all you have to lose!

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