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Love For The Skin You're In And The Planet You're On: EmerginC Skin Care and Cosmeceuticals

I remember years ago when the shift happened in fashion marketing.  All of a sudden it wasn't just about the product they wanted you to see since many times the product was more hype than helpful.  It became about the lifestyle you could have (or should have) if you decide to purchase this product.  Ads and even fashion editorials painted a picture of beauty not too much centered around the product, but had more of a fixation on the prospective buyer to delve mind-first into the world that this product encompassed.  This shift created, if you will, a greater consciousness for the consumer as to what was behind the creation of the product and thusly the utilization and aftermath of experiencing the product more than a focus on the product itself.  All the questions, the where's, why's, and for whom it was created, seemed to be the selling point in convincing the consumer that they needed it.  The conscious consumer was being cultivated to not just accept a pretty face holding a pretty package in the age of global warming,  fair wages and carbon footprints; they were being cultivated to actually begin to take deeper stock and care about not just spending their money, but investing it in order to add to their happiness and sense of humanity.  

With that said (along with the recently leap into my 40s) I asked myself after looking at my four closets full of clothing, leaning towers of shoeboxes and bathroom drawers filled with various skin care endeavors, what really matters?  A new-found consciousness made me realize that, as you age, the real things that stick with you are things like beliefs rather than feelings, quality rather than quantity and longevity rather than temporal.  I tried to combine this thinking with the aforementioned  to balance with how I spend now and a desire to find a personal contentment.  

So I'm a more conscious consumer with a belief that whatever initiates my spending must inevitably lead to good investments.  This is exactly why when I hear of companies like EmerginC, my interests are peaked.  I had the distinct pleasure of discovering EmerginC last week in a roundtable discussion with its founder Ian Lirenman and his dedicated energetic New York staff.  Here's what I discovered.  Scoff if you will, but there is much truth to the fact that we humans are slowly ruining this planet.  Further, if the planet is being ruined then what we borrow, utilize and ingest from it is not excluded.  I, for one, do not want to damage myself too much before my end-date so the philosophy of EmerginC spoke volumes to me in its adherence to sustainable skin care birthed out of a concern for the planet's natural abundance.  

What began in 1996 with a small run of the most effective Vitamin C serums on the market has since grown into a full line of pure and potent cosmeceuticals ethically sustained and formulated to have a three-fold effect.  How three-fold?  EmerginC helps bring the best out of your skin by 1) bringing the best to your skin, 2) not harming the planet in doing so and 3) ethically involving, not exploiting, those involved in its mission.  The company works with top chemists and state-of-the-art labs in using medical grade and expert natural cosmeceutical ingredients, active botanicals and marine extracts to ensure sustainable and stellar visually rejuvenating, scientifically proven and spiritually renewing products.  Since synthetics are not their thing, for every product bought from EmerginC, a tree is planted in many of the countries they source from and they have even started the EmerginBees and EmerginCeeds programs to involve the conscious consumer in their mission and to create and source fair trade ethically and sustainably wherever possible.

The company has even started tree-planting initiatives in countries such as in Madagascar where since 2014 has planted over 200,000 trees, restored 100 acres of land, and created over 400 days of employment for planters on the African island country.  This gives products like their Kombucha Cleanser, Coconut Argan Body Oil, Vitamin C Retinol Mask and Spirulina Toner that full circle credibility by not only giving its consumers the best but also creating a livelihood for a country to ensure that they can provide their best for their families and  helping give back to the planet.  What a fulfilling way to do your part to thank the planet and keep it going by creating and showcasing a beautiful you.  

For more on the amazing restorative products, technologies and initiatives of EmerginC head on over to their website here.  Be inspired to live and do better and inevitably look better!

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