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A Bit Of The Briny For the Beau: Maritime by Tommy Bahama Fragrance Review

I remember that Seinfeld episode from a while back where Kramer had this brilliant idea for a cologne that smelled like you do when you just come back from the beach.  While I always thought I knew what he meant in theory, in reality, with everyone's different body chemistry, pheromones, etc. (not to mention the kind of sea water), I always thought that it's good that this is just a sitcom.  Imagine trying to capture a scent that smelled like you had just come from the beach?  Keyword is you.  Everyone is different so my thinking is that everyone would each register that fragrance as something different altogether.  My sensibilities always asked 'why not make a scent that reminds you of the oceanside' with the fresh, sometimes sweet, saltwater in the air mixed with the crisp breezes not laced with city pollution.  At least evoke a scent that conjures up the thought.

Enter Maritime by Tommy Bahama for Men, the latest scent from the tropical print and warm-weather wear wunderkind.  This newest scent was created by senior Firmenich perfumer Frank Voelkl.  Inspired by the entrancing beauty of the ocean's waves, this is a delightful and exciting fragrance for the season.  It features top notes of citrusy bergamot, sweet lavender, fresh pink pepper, clary sage, violet leaf, geranium and ambergris.  Cutting those top notes are cedar wood, sandalwood, musk and moss.  You've got the full oceanic experience here.  The tropical citrus and herbal coastal greens together with the heady woodsy notes mash together the seaside environs of the tropics all the way to New England in a familiar and pleasant way.  The beauty of the notes have a warm lingering waft while the deeper bottom notes are more sensual and subtle by causing you to sniff deeper like the briny depths flanking this scent's inspiration.

Maritime by Tommy Bahama for Men is a great scent on its own or for layering.  I have Tommy Bahama St. Kitts fragrance and it layers so nicely with that as well.  This will be a nice addition for you or for dad's collection this Summer or this Father's Day to get to the seaside if only through an olfactory journey.  Maritime by Tommy Bahama is available now at Belk, Lord & Taylor, Dillard's and at  Father's Day is Sunday June 18.

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