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Mind, Body, Spirit And Moringa: Dr. Smood Review

Spring has sprung.  Has the metamorphosis begun?  That seasonal shedding of Winter's pounds and ounces for Summer's abs and pecs.  If not then have no fear, since I realize that it's easier proposed than executed.  After all, until you can get into the swing of exercising daily, many men find it much easier to grab a cold cocktail than to grab a free weight.  However, as many a trainer will tell you, exercising is key, but if you don't control the way, when and what you eat, then all your efforts slide down the drain much like that sweet roll slides down your throat.  There is hope though.  In-between workouts, spin classes and afterwork jogs, your food choices don't have to be the ones that turn on you.  They can be the redemptive, restorative, nurturing and honorable kind that'll make your trainer not give you the side-eye.

How do I know this?  Well I am almost two months vegan now.  Let me be the first to tell you that this is quite an undertaking especially from someone who was once the proverbial carniverous bully on the lush green vegan playground.  Why vegan?  Well, this being my 40th year of existence, I wanted to challenge myself and on the brain lately have been thoughts of my own humanity and equipping myself to be around to better help others.  

That brought front and center the very personal ways in which I looked at my behaviors, mannerisms and choices.  A very personal thing is what one puts into their body and after 40 years of getting it right, wrong, and all the in-between I thought a great way to see what my character is made of was to test the very personal connection I have with what goes into my body coupled with how my body responds post-consumption.  I've had ups and downs with various meats and dairies so I decided one Sunday to say farewell to the meats and cheeses and up the intake of greens.  What I discovered was a couple days became a week then that became a month and now I'm approaching the two month mark and I must say on this journey I've had better digestion, more energy, better brain function, better workout results and more peace of mind.

So with peace of mind in full swing and the fact that I live in a city that often tries to rob you of it, I delight in little oases where I can properly indulge and escape the manic energy until I can return to the confines of my abode once again.  One such place I recently discovered was Dr. Smood with their appropriate slogan 'Smart Food For A Good Mood'.  My first encounter with Dr. Smood was two days ago as I previewed their newly opening Soho NYC location at 470 Broome Street.  I would classify Dr. Smood as a holistic culinary experience to cleanse, simplify and beautify by promoting natural foods, nutrition and wellness.  They achieve this by offering a bevy of fully organic, non-processed, sustainable ingredients made into wonderfully enriching foods, drinks, beauty products and programs.  

On this particular day I got a chance to sample an array from their Live Menu of fresh organic juices like the Energy Juice with apple, red bell pepper, pineapple and ginger and their delicious organic smoothies like the Healthy Smoody-Tropical Twist with cashew mylk, almond, banana, strawberry, pineapple and Himalayan salt.  Also on tap at their bar are signature brews using the cleanest of coffees and pure ingredients as well as the option to add-on superfood combinations with names such as 'Anti-ager', 'Medicinal Power' and 'Cleanser' featuring ingredients like maca, açai, moringa and lacuma. 

Then I jumped on over to their selection of Power Sandwiches that offer a delicious vegan option and others that use ingredients like antibiotic-free turkey and wild pole-caught tuna.  These are freshly prepared on super-tasty locally-baked Performance Bread made with spelt & millet flakes with organic delectable add-on options like vegan cream cheese, hummus and pesto.  Accompanying these decadent fresh assortments are wonderful organic coffee and organic mindful tea bars.  Their Grab & Go menu offerings feature energizing Organic Green, Fruit and Detox Juices as well as Organic Boosters made from sourced ingredients and Organic Mylk options made from combinations of fragrant spices and Brazil nut and almond mylks.  A full and impressive Organic Raw Breakfast section offers up raw pancakes, raw oats, probiotic yoghurts and matcha & mama chia pudding.  The Organic Power Salad section works with a bevy of ingredients centered around kale, quinoa, sprouted black lentils and tabouli while cold drinks to grab & go feature refreshing selections like high alkaline water, organic iced tea blends and beauty water made with rose petals. 

Rounding out what Dr. Smood has to offer is a full beginner to advanced & post-detox Detox Program, recommended by Dr. Etti, the head of R&D, to accompany the company's holistic offerings and to create what she calls a "clean environment for body, mind and spirit".  What's really nice about Dr. Smood is that they don't just operate under the guise of fresh and organic, it truly is fresh, clean, organic and backed by the expertise of nutritionists and doctors to ensure a full-circle health experience.  Dr. Smood has five locations in Miami and now three in New York, with the newly opened 470 Broome Street location with two more to open in NYC soon.  For more information on all the wonderful products, programs and locations they have to offer, head to their website here at  Maybe a nice hearty Cacao Shake and nourishing DrS Veggie Pattie can tie you over until you become inspired for a Soul Cycle class.

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