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New York In a Capsule: CXX For W New York

You may sleep, but New York City never does.  The trains run all night as do the cabs, corner stores and bodegas take care of your late night munchies and that 4am über to get home from the club is often known to pass the numerous delivery and newspaper trucks getting their day started.  I have a love-hate relationship with my city.  I hate when you have bagfuls of groceries then hear an announcement about train delays, but love when that train decides to go express to compensate.  I love when you discover a perfectly shaded bench to have lunch in Bryant Park, but hate when you come back the next day to find that everyone else did too.  Despite whatever your ups and downs with New York City may be, it still remains a resilient city worthy of being called The Big Apple.  

It's with this labeling that the label CXX has created a special line in conjunction with the W New York.  The line consists of sportswear with an urban sensibility that pays homage to The Big Apple.  Tees and caps printed with NYC iconography, track suits with unique trim that fall in line with the current trend of taking streetwear highbrow and even a cushy limited-edition bathrobe with cool embroidery.  

The Collection CXX for the W New York is exclusively available today in the guest shops at all W locations in New York City.

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