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Once Upon a Time, There Was Just a Bolt of Fabric: Albini Group Partners With Designers for NYMD SS18

After the initial consult, the exchange of expectations, the complimentary glass of scotch and the measuring while in your unmentionables, there's the delicately gliding your hands over a crisp and smooth striped oxford shirting.  Before the initial sloper, the first fitting, another complimentary glass of Chivas Regal and the second fitting, there's the marveling over the luster of the drape of a Super 180 over your arm.  While walking up the corridor and into the first class cabin then planting yourself into your cushy window seat, there's the sweet satisfaction of knowing that the spongy crepe wool of your blazer can create the same comfort and contentment as the jersey of your favorite tee.  The point is that it all begins with the fabric.

If the fabric is not right then it makes the experience less personal.  If the drape and softness don't speak to you then it's as if you are just wearing clothing and living your best life in them.  That's a key in designing effectively.  It's not just about creating pretty clothes to make a statement, it's about creating something that adds value, balance and satisfaction to the unspoken dialogue of the wearer's life.  Great fabric, like great style, has endurance.  It could be the toughest of denims, just look at the longevity of Levi Strauss Inc, or it could be the finest of cottons, just ask the tenured team at the Albini Group.

Since 1876, the Italian-based Albini Group has been giving you shirtings and cottons to pamper your wardrobe with style, comfort and technology.  They've been around since 'Made In Italy' became a thing and has lived up to the infamous branding ever since with classic and progressive fabrics that often set the industry standards, technologies in manufacturing that have become the standard and sustainable efforts that keep them relevant and above standard.  This season the Albini Group finds their expert cotton textiles paired up with several emerging menswear brands for the Spring/Summer 2018 New York Mens Day Shows (NYMD).
 David Hart sketch using Albini Fabrics for Spring/Summer 2018

Descendant of Thieves, David Hart, Krammer and Stoudt and HEAD OF STATE+

Part of the interesting thing about this time in menswear design is how to remain true your aesthetic while taking the modern economic climate, consumer buying habits, pace of popular culture & social media and political and environmental climates into consideration.  Twelve designers have been furnished with expert textiles from the Albini Group to match their individual aesthetics with 85% of the costs being covered by NYMD.  So designers like David Hart, Descendant of Thieves, Krammer & Stoudt and HEAD OF STATE+ among others will be able to give you more of their aesthetic with less financial corners cut for Spring/Summer 2018 menswear.   Come Monday July 10, 2017 it'll be interesting to see first hand how the talents of a fabric powerhouse connects with the insight of modern menswear designers.  To reflect on some food for thought from one of my earliest favorite menswear designers, Giorgio Armani, a design may be in the atelier's head, but you never know what will be tweaked, re-examined, upgraded or perfected once you experience the fabric.

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