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Perspectives From Gabon: Teddy Ondo Ella Spring/Summer 2018 Menswear Review

Cool things can arise out of small places.  From the tiny country of Gabon located on the central west coast of Africa, a flower has bloomed and made its way all the way up through the cracks and asphalt of New York City.  This is no small feat for any designer trying to grow in this metropolis.  However, Teddy Ondo Ella feels that now is the right time for his arrival as he feels that New York is becoming more open to newcomers.  And rightfully so.  In a national environment where diversity is a dirty word to some, the more modern and love-affirming populace has been embracing it with open arms, open wallets and louder voices in society, entertainment and fashion.

For Spring 2018, Teddy Ondo Ella celebrates the colorful richness of his beloved Gabon by playing up the color and prints on classic American silhouettes.  In what has recently become an almost modern play off of the suit, Ella showed matching loose fitting silken shirt and pant combinations in playful ankara-esque prints.  Almost every piece of clothing in this collection, from shirtings to jean-style jackets to sarongs/wraps were laced with a colorful print that had modern sensibilities for an Eastern market.  

There was a delightfully light and airy quality to the collection that, with the addition of the color and prints, gave the clothing even more fluidity.  Starting off the show was an impressive display of traditional beats, dance and acrobatics that birthed the way to the wonderfully wearable debut in a 'from then to now' style christening.  The various shades of models on the runway, the festivity in the form of Ella's languid clothing and the celebration of his Gabonese perspective with tinges of American sensibilities were fresh, invigorating and welcoming.  His collection and his background furthered the reality that paints the African continent as a progressive, expanding and influential  continent.  Embracing that which is new with a respect of the already-established and an openness to hear and experience all points of view without fear or prejudice are what will really make America Great Again.  Welcome to New York Mr. Ella.

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