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Whatever Helps Me Win The Race: Budstraps

Set the speed!  Definitely get some incline rising for those calves!  Cue up the 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop' playlist on your phone and then you're off!  Well almost, since right around the first mile you're earbuds slip out due to sweat and the antics to corral them back into your hands then ear are similar to those of a young girl clumsily twirling ropes for double-dutch.  

I know that I've long desired something to help me have more control in the gym so that my mind stays focused on completion.  I am a fan of convenience and organization so I ensure that my mind stays focused on the task at hand by addressing the problems that may occur beforehand.  Enter Budstraps

Budstraps is a brand of sporty neckband accessories that address the issue of earbuds and AirPods that may pop or slip our during exercise.  If you're like me who needs his music in his ears to set the tone of his personal soundtrack at the gym then you know the value of damaging an earbud or even losing an Airpod.  If your earbuds pop out for whatever reason the Budstraps Earbud Neckstrap keeps your earbuds secured to a comfy flexible sporty strap that's safety tucked behind the neck.  Similarly, to keep your AirPods from popping out and rolling under dusty gym apparatus, the Budstraps Neckstrap for Apple AirPods features an adjustable cord with two secure-fit loops at the end to fit your Apple AirPods.  The best part is that both are nonintrusive and won't distract you from your fitness mission.

The Budstraps line is available here on at their website and on  Check out my video  above showing how easy and convenient the Budstraps Earbud Neckstrap is to put on and use.  Please note, although great, Budstraps won't finish your cardio time for you, it'll just make the experience a bit easier to bare.  

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