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A Better Brunch With Mary: Ubons Bloody Mary Mixes

Brunch anyone?  It is Sunday morning after all.  No matter what you choose to munch on for this melange of breakfast and lunch, a bellini or a mimosa could work well as an accompaniment.  However, if you want the quintessential classic brunch libation then it's got to be a Bloody Mary.  Briny and savory, a brunch Bloody Mary can be the perfect hello for an early afternoon Sunday nosh or the quintessential cure to get over the previous night's imbibing.

Making one can be a bit laborious though.  This is exactly why I'm glad I discovered Ubons and their amazing Bloody Mary mixes.  These mixes are part of a fifth generation family recipe that started with a sauce perfected by Ubon Roark, the patriarch of the Roark family.  The versatility of that sauce,  that inspired family and friends, has now turned into savory Bloody Mary mixes.  
The first sauce is Ubons Pittmaker's Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix which is chock full of the classic Bloody Mary seasonings plus the added spiciness of chiles and of course the patented kick of Papa Ubon's piquant recipe.  It gives a heated kick to a Bloody Mary or Maria while Ubons BBQ Bloody Mary Mix tailors the Ubons recipe to make a satisfyingly smoky drink with a touch of sweet and tangy.  Both mixes are excellent timesavers that can make an incredibly satisfying Bloody Mary or Maria.  What could be more timesaving than taking 4 parts Ubons and 1 part vodka or tequila to make a flavorful brunch staple?  It's that simple and that tasty.  Now you can spend the extra time perfecting that poached egg dish for brunch.

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