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My Life Is In The Bag: Knomo London

Admittedly I've done some questionable things in and about my way through this inspiring yet increasingly annoying city.  I've risked running extremely late by turning back from the subway to retrieve a vital organ; my cellphone.  There's been numerous times that my trip to Wholefoods to buy one pint of blueberries turned into me being laden with three bags of groceries on a packed subway ride home.  Then I cannot forget that time I spent almost a minute wondering why my Metrocard wouldn't swipe only to find out, after giving icy stares to the token booth clerk, that I'd been trying to swipe my ATM card.  

In all these instances, if I'd been a tad more organized I could've avoided myself some frustrating occurrences.  What if had a sweet spot to rest my cellphone instead of relying on my jean pocket?  What if I had a little convenient slot to neatly slip a couple of collapsible canvas shopping totes?  What if I had a dedicated slip for my Metrocard so that I wouldn't have to dig into the kerfuffle that is my wallet?  How about Knomo London?
Knomo London is a modern accessories line whose bags, sleeves, agendas, packs, etc have all the nooks and crannies to keep the essentials you tote around together especially when you (or life) falls apart.  The key phrase with Knomo is modern convenience.  A typical day nowadays can start with a simple agenda then spiral out of control ending up with bullet points, revisions and other insertions.  That's where Knomo's handling of slots, pockets and sleeves comes in splendidly to make you stay organized throughout your day's journey.  The icing on the cake is that the brand leaves you no less stylishly-equipped for the irregularities of your day with colors, styles and versatile styles that speak to starting out professionally at work, but ending up with cocktails at karaoke.  

Knomo works with various fabrications like clean nylons, supple leathers and forward textiles for the cosmopolitan individual on-the-go who requires the most from their bags.  Two-fold clothing is becoming what men who have diverse schedules are gravitating towards and their accessories following suit makes perfect sense.  Knomo bags have uniformity in the sizing of their various pocket dimensions to ensure gadget interchangeability with ease in switching from, for example, their Holborn soft briefcase to their Beaufort backpack.   The color options and pairings from Knomo range from appropriately fresh & bold to neutrally lifestyle-friendly.  Then they take it a step further with the infusion of technology into their collections.  For example, their Dalston Collection features slots that can accommodate the Knomo ecosystem of portable batteries, charging cables and a travel adaptor.  More recently the brand has introduced their DropGo system for charging your smartphones wirelessly and KnomoID which allows you to register your bag in case it should get lost.  On the style side for Fall, Knomo has collaborated with the archive collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London for a limited-edition collection utilizing vintage prints from the 1920's that evoke the feeling of a modern camouflage. 

Some could look at it as overkill, but if you enter your day or commute more organized then you can go through the day rest assured that the last things you'll have to worry about are your daily 'vitals' becoming unreliable.  Knomo is on a great track to get you equipped to tackle the hustle and bustle season after season.  Worry-free is always a great way to start your trip.  Now pack your Metrocard, neatly tuck the latest GQ, remember your passport and get going!

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