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Not All Tees Think Alike: The Elite Series Fitted Tee From Bensly

What's in a tee?  Not much really.  Most tees are five parts; a front, a back, two sleeves and a collar.  However, as the various bodies of men can attest to, it's not what a tee is, it's what you do to a tee that makes the difference.  Like, there have always been designers trying to perfect the basic five pocket jean, but like the tee, I've found that timing, and of course technique, makes all the difference in reaching the ever-evolving menswear consumer.  

This is why this tee stood out to me.  Admittedly I was a tad skeptical at first as to whether or not this tee would strike a good nerve, but after it was sent to me and I put it on, I understood.  See that was also part of the process...putting it on!  Many men take a garment at face value and are quite reluctant to experience it on their bodies.  However, consider that you don't buy clothing to only look at it; you buy it to wear it, live your life in it and experience it.  So just how do many modern men live their lives?  They are a lot more body conscious and socially aware but, like always, most men still don't want the fuss.

So here enters the Elite Series Fitted Tee from Bensly.  The American clothing company not only takes fit seriously, but also adheres to a growing welcomed concern of many modern menswear labels in that they are socially aware of the havoc the garment industry wreaks on the planet. Key things like low-waste, sustainability, less water wasted in production, ethically-sourced materials, nationally grown raw materials and nationally made products all factor into the Bensly aesthetic.  

However, at the end of the day since you've been cued to the redemption in the production, you're probably wondering how the satisfaction in fit makes this a several-fold experience.  Well, like I mentioned before, I put it on....and I loved it!  The Elite Series Fitted Tee line is made of 90% tencel and 10% spandex.  Tencel, for those unaware is a sustainable fiber made from wood.  The Elite Series is made from Australian eucalyptus wood and boasts a hand soften than silk, more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen.  Don't be skeptical!  I am year-round 'sweater' and when I first wore this shirt out on an 85 degree day it almost felt as if the shirt was keeping me cooler.  This was a welcomed relief that become an impish delight when I discovered the hidden little subtle design features that made this shirt unique.  There are darts on the sleeves for a nice wing-less bicep-fit, stitching at the crew collar band to ensure a contoured fit to the clavicle area and two back darts that tone down the billowing that happens with a lot of mens tees especially for men with developed V-torsos. 

Bensly seems to have the right idea going with their brand's approach as their tees have the modern dress up/dress down appeal that make them a plausible option for a cosmopolitan man's overlapping 24-hour gym/work/dinner/bar/casual hustle-n-flow.  For more Bensly products, the subtle and bold nuances that set them apart and more on their mission visit their website at and get the deets on their kickstarter campaign at .  This tee could be a welcomed, well-made & well-fit relief to remove the added conundrum of what should I wear out of your already strained agenda.  

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