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The Snack That Dates Back: Sahara Date Company

Every now and then something comes along that the public laps up like the spiked punch of a pour-it-yourself makeshift bar at a neighborhood house party.  We, as a public, have a tendency to think the next big thing just popped up yesterday when in fact many great things exist and have existed right under our noses for ages.  Such is the case with a fruit known as the World's Oldest Health Food; the date. 
I'll let you research the health benefits of the date on your own time.  Then you'll uncover it's potassium rich goodness, richness in minerals, fiber & potassium and its being a great substitute to processed sugars in baking and cooking.  What I would like to introduce to you at this time are the saccharine dates of the Sahara Date Company.  The Virginia-based company founded by two cousins, Maile Ramzi and Jean Houpert, source their 100% natural dates from Saudi Arabia and offer a nice array of various kinds like Sukkary and Khudry.  All of their dates are offered in four packaged sizes which makes them handy to either keep in the refrigerator for recipes or to toss in your bag for a snack on the go.  

Speaking of recipes, also offers up some great recipes involving their dates like sweet breads and delectable pastries.  They also work great in a smoothie.  In these times of additives, preservatives and not quite knowing what's in your food, it's good to rediscover and reconnect to natural food with natural flavor.  
 Ajwa: syrupy sweetness with a slight prune flavor

 Khudry: deep sweet caramel flavor

 Saggae: lighter flavor that reminds me of light brown sugar

 Sukkary: light buttery and toffee nods

Varieties of Sahara Dates can be found at select WholeFoods and all varieties and sizes can be purchased on their website

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