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The Sweet Side of Soursop: Jans Exotic Soursop Premium Juice

Imagine how much more we would know if we travelled more often?  Let's take this from a culinary standpoint.  Can you tell me what callaloo, ackee or Buddha's hand are?  While these are a vegetable of West African origin, a fruit at the center of Jamaica's national dish and an Asian citrus fruit respectively, many of us will never get to try them unless we travel to those locales.  Consider reasons like certain foods not looking like they would be on any US fast-food menu, certain foods not on any recommended food pyramid or certain foods not being grown locally as reasons behind the American public's ignorance behind knowing, let alone trying, more global foods.  Well with the onslaught of food allergies, GMO overload and pesticide bombardment, there seems to be a growing sense of distrust of many facets of the food industry.  So the growing duty to check labels, buy locally when possible and prepare your own foods is driving people to want to learn more about the great foods available globally.

Long known in the Caribbean, the guanabana or soursop is an island and Central American staple fruit that can have the sweetness like a strawberry, tartness of a pineapple and creamy texture of a banana in the flesh running in between its many smooth coffee bean-sized seeds.  It's a very delicious seasonal fruit.  However, by the time it reaches the states it can become as expensive per pound as Ossetra caviar.  So when I discovered a way to enjoy it without 101 additives, I was overjoyed.
Jans Exotic Soursop Premium is a blend of 100% soursop juice, pear concentrate and filtered water.  That's it!  No high fructose this, cane sugar that or any other ingredient you can't pronounce or that'll last for years at end.  Tasting this is just like munching a sweet ripe piece of fresh soursop and with so few all natural ingredients, it practically is just like enjoying the fruit fresh cut.  Jans Exotic Soursop Premium Juice still carries over the great health benefits of the fruit like Vitamin C, B1 & B2, potassium, magnesium and calcium and is a great addition to liven up your smoothies.  It may be interesting to also inform you that soursop is also considered a superfood that is often linked to treating cancer in some forms.

Now that I've given you the nice deets, it's now time for the naughty deets.  Jans Exotic Soursop Premium Juice makes a great refreshing full-flavored cocktail due to the robust taste of the 100% soursop juice and pear concentrate.  However, I won't just tell you.  See below for an exciting recipe and find Jans Exotic Soursop Premium Juice at online retailers like  Your palate will thank me later!

Sop Sipper by David White,

3 ounces            Jans Exotic Soursop Premium Juice
1 1/2 ounces      Medium to Dark Rum variety
5-6                     Fresh cut Pineapple Chunks
2 dashes            Agnostura Bitters
1 wheel             Fresh Lime

Place the pineapple chunks in the shaker and muddle until it becomes pulp-like in consistency.  Add Jans Exotic Soursop Premium Juice, rum and ice.  Shake for about 15 seconds then strain into a martini glass.  Garnish the glass with a lime wheel.

The sweetness of the Jans Exotic Soursop plays up nicely tart pineapple and the smoky burnt sweetness of the rum.  This is all balanced nicely with the bitters and the squeeze of the the fresh lime wheel.

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