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When Snacking Goes Right: Pistachio-based Snacks

My favorite nut just got even better.  I have this compulsion, as recurring as it is, that makes it so that I can never eat just one pistachio.  I am convinced that there's a hidden natural additive in pistachios that makes them addictive.  Many are the times that I've just sat somewhere and blindly cracked open salty delicious shell after shell after shell practically inhaling them.  There's something to that distinct earthy flavor that makes a pistachio a perfect pairing with sweet or salty.  How delightful was I to discover these two following brands at a recent 'Snack Attack' Showcase here in New York City.

Giants Sweet and Salty Pistachios are a highly delicious and addictive snack.  This company knows a thing or two about snacks since they've been around since 1958 when founder Bob Schuler started the company with sunflower seeds.  Take the nuttiness of the pistachio and then add the experience of sweet & salty like that of having kettle-cooked popcorn and you'll understand the flavor profile better.  This is a great snack to have along with beer, cocktails or on an eclectic fruit/nut/cheese platter.

Next up, Setton Farms Dark Chocolate Pistachios bring two depths full circle.  That full-bodied flavor  of a sweet and rich dark chocolate marries with the earthy and robust pop of a pistachio for a nice outcome.  These pistachios are premium California grown and are also made in small batches to ensure a better, more flavorful and complete product.  These go great with an after dinner digestif or tossed in with seeds, dried fruits and other nuts for a more livelier trail mix.

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