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Good Eats In The Land Of Yardage & Pleats: Bombay Sandwich Company Opens In the Garment District

What can account for quite an ordeal is traipsing through the land of textiles, trims and tailors.  Look to your left and there's silk specialists and look to your right and there lies the sultans of spandex.  Go up two blocks and cross the yellow brick road of Seventh Avenue and stumble upon alcoves of Swarovski, bugle, jet beads & buttons while venturing across the raging waters of Eight Avenue brings you to the valley of machine parts, dress forms and three-way mirrors displays.  Then in the midst of it all seamlessly binding together the warp and weft of it all stands the dozens of merchants, floors up and at at eye level, with fancy woven, knits & remnants offering the fulfillment of design dreams, production desires and costume wishes.  This is the magical Garment District, New York City's infamous land of fantasy and opportunity wrapped up in muslin and dotted pattern paper.  

A day in this land can work up an appetite and also work a nerve.  However, nestled at the start of this land on West 35th Street now lies a vegan/vegetarian beacon to rejuvenate, restore and revive called Bombay Sandwich Company.  Started by the banker-rocker-turned-chef Shiv Puri and his cover model-Bollywood-actress-turned-entrepreneur wife Shikha Jain, this is the company's second location in the city and a perfect one being in the busy garment district where many of the fashion-driven will seek sustenance to stay energized and sample sized.  What sets Bombay Sandwich company apart is the focus on Ayurvedic healing spices that the company's recipes entail.  Ayurvedic essentially means that you're getting great-seasoned taste and platform nourishment in the form of locally-sourced, organic and 100% GMO-free ingredients with a clean Indian and American sensibilities that appeal to all who wish to take comfort in knowing where their food comes from and what's in their dishes.

And just what is in the dishes at Bombay Sandwich Company?  Think simple and fresh like fennel, tofu, kale, sweet potato, apple, chick peas, nuts, sprouts, cabbage, quinoa, avocado, chilis, lentils, beets, ginger, carrots among other all-natural and clean ingredients.  What binds them together into a cacophony of culinary wonderment are the ayurvedic spices of turmeric, cardamom, cumin, fennel and asafoetida which all have various nurturing properties like being anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory, energizing, detoxifying, digestive-friendly and fiber, potassium and iron-rich.  They offer great flavorful items for vegans and vegetarians that are also kosher and some items offer gluten-free options.  

So now you have a culinary respite in the midst of deciding whether to spend $10 a yard on the chintzy poly or the shiny rayon.  The midtown Garment District location of Bombay Sandwich Company is at 224 West 35th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues 212.564.8418 and is now open for business.

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