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Sweets For All The Right Reasons: Cocomels

The Fall is physiologically the time of year when your brain makes a fool out of your body and inadvertently makes it fatten up for the upcoming colder months.  That is if you don't have mind over matter.  Now if you have matter over mind then there better be good reason for the disappearing discipline.  I generally find the reason in a bar after a heavy work day when I find a happy hour barrage of Old-fashioneds in quaint little glasses.  Lately I've been finding a great reason in questionable Netflix horror movies and a can of lightly salted Pringles.  However, just recently I found a new sweet reason to give new meaning in not wanting to explain myself.  Decadence can do that to you.  However, when that decadence transplants you to a place of nostalgia and adult culinary carnality, then you just eat and don't think about it.  

Such was the case when I discovered Cocomels, a deliciously sinful candy treat.  Think of a wonderfully rich, soft and creamy caramel candy only instead of being made from cow's milk, they're made from coconut milk.  Yes coconut milk, the vegan warrior's creamy savior and, in my opinion, an all around better-tasting (and more digestible) way to answer "Got Milk?".  What's even better about Cocomels is that they are non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan.  

However, despite the niceties that have gone into concocting these confectionaries, the best thing about them is the taste!  Remember how I said that part of the new reason for matter over mind is the culinary whisking away to a place of nostalgia?  Well, for all my West Indian readers, there's a delicacy called coconut drops that is essentially grated coconut, sugar and coconut milk with the optional drop of strawberry syrup.  My first bite of the original Cocomels took me right back to my first sampling of coconut drops with I was still small enough to play handball on the curb.  

Cocomels are so creamy, decadent & satisfying and the additional flavors certainly don't disappoint.  Want that saccharine loveliness with the sweet nuttiness of vanilla then there's Cocomels Vanilla.  Desire to have the pleasant explosion on the palette of sweet and salty then there's Cocomels Sea Salt.  If you have the grown and seasoned bittersweet tang of espresso on the brain and then there's Cocomels Espresso, which eerily tastes like a caramel macchiato.  There's a flavor for everyone and they won't disappoint.  Cocomels is available now at select retailers like Wholefoods and Dean & Deluca, but for a list of where they may be found near you, head on over to their website here.

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