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A Work In Progress Kicks It With The Kinfolk: Kinfolk X Carhartt WIP Pop-Up

It seems that with the fast-paced tone to life in general nowadays there seems to be a constant desire for the next, the new & the noteworthy before the now, the current & the happening even has time to peak.  Understandably so, since Tribeca and Tokyo learn the same things at the same time and move on to the next things in routine time-zoned fashion.  From a fashion & retail standpoint, the Winter and Summer collections may set the tone, but the deliveries in between are those collective stylish shocks that keep the quarterly earnings heartbeat pumping.  Wonderful undertakings like pop-up shops and collaborations to keep fashion relevant, exciting and fresh are very modern ways to keep up with a quickened fashion cycle, to keep older brands relevant, to create foot traffic for brick & mortar locales and keep the public's vulture-like culture-hunger tempted.

With that in mind, a great stop for you this week would be at Kinfolk.  Fresh off their latest collaboration with The Gap, they've got a brand new in-store pop-up of limited edition items with the workwear staple Carhartt WIP in their Williamsburg, Brooklyn location and on their website now.  The pop-up merges Kinfolk's streamlined and fresh urban mobile aesthetic with Carhartt WIP's simple and ruggedly minimal workwear for a generation of moderns who connect with everything from bicycle & skate culture to Americana sportswear.  Check out the chill workshirts, tees, outerwear and trousers that walk the fine cool line between workwear and streetwear and take in the curated cycle-culture niceness that is Kinfolk.  The Kinfolk X Carhartt WIP Pop-Up will be up and running for the next few weeks at the shop @ 90 Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC and online here.

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