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Good Food Sets The Mood For Getting Fresh: Dave's Gourmet Pasta Sauces

Cuffing season ushers in a series of questions.  One may ponder whether a bar hop or a scroll through the cell's log could produce a swaddling night turned into a cozy morning or a tipsy evening turned into a hungover midday.  Should it be a 'Netflix and Chill' or 'Firestick by the Fire' kind of evening?  Do you make reservations then retreat back to your place or rely on your skills in the kitchen to make spooning that welcomed retreat?  Well, I say flexing your culinary skills could lead to cuffing and more.  Sometimes a simple and well-executed meal full with a full flavor profile can be magical and make all the difference between spending the evening wrapped in their arms or wrapping your arms  around the throne.  Over the top is not necessarily the best.  Strong and rustic can be effective and satisfying.  For example, a nice toasted crusty French bread dusted with rosemary, garlic & olive oil, a buttery smooth fettuccine and a deliciously fresh pasta sauce can create quite an impressive evening.  Plus, it doesn't take long to make such a tasty prequel to an evening of canoodling and cuffing when a company like Dave's Gourmet has done 1/3 of the heavy work for you.

A pasta sauce can take time and effort which is why it's so amazing that one of my go to company's for hot sauce and just recently, overnight oats, now have pasta sauces under its belt.  The Speciality Food division of Dave's Gourmet has pasta sauces with flavors like Roasted Garlic & Sweet Basil, Red Heirloom and Butternut Squash that are all gluten-free, excellent sources of Vitamins A & C and contain ingredients that you can actually pronounce.  I tried the Roasted Garlic & Sweet Basil the other night with a simple fettuccine and I was very content with now natural and fresh it tasted.  A lot of times, jarred sauces go heavy with contents and wind up having a sugary or paste-like flavor.  The natural acidity of the tomatoes in this sauce was perfectly balanced with the natural cane sugar & sweet basil and overall the sauce had a nice chunky texture to where the garlic and tomatoes were actually visible.  

Another thumbs up for Dave's Gourmet and the brand's efforts to keep food that is good for you more palatable and in its natural form.  For more on these pasta sauces head on over to their site here.  Dave's Gourmet's Pasta Sauces are now available on their site and at your finer local groceries and supermarkets.

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