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The Sparkling Side Of The Original Fruit: Comsi Comsa By Sauvage Apple Sparkling Wine

I can think of no other American state, other than New York, that has an 'upstate'.  Then, even if there is a locally known upstate region, there is none more heralded than New York's upstate.  Like moths to a flame, when the seasons change from sunburst & saturated to earthy & mild, the public can be found collectively flocking to this land of kaleidoscopic leaves and harvested crops as age-old as the birth of this nation.  One can't imagine the Fall in upstate New York without scenic drives, pumpkin patches and of course orchards of apples that have served to become the official pet-name for the state's most infamous city.  So as one looks forward to savory pies, caramel-dipped delights and spicy ciders, there's one new thing to look forward to that's as appropriately delectable as any MacIntosh, Honey Crisp or Red Delicious alike.

That thing is wine.  Not hard cider, not ale, but wine.  A satisfying wine that has lovingly grown out of the quaint town of Oneonta and made from the same championed apples littering the hilly landscape.  The undeniably tempting fruit has found its way into becoming a perfectly produced sparkling wine in the hands of the brilliant camp at Sauvage.  Think more high brow than cider and certainly more palatable than anything you'd just think to nurse for hours out of heaviness or potency.  The lovely Comsi Comsa by Sauvage Apple Crisp is an all-natural, gluten-free and kosher apple sparkling wine that achieves its proper wine labeling by boasting a 12% alcohol by volume.  Made from locally-sourced apples for a great carbon footprint and freshness at start of production, it's entirely produced on Sauvage's self-owned farms.  Just as quaint as its Oneonta, NY birthplace is the fact that this unique wine is produced in small batches to ensure more handling and control of its robust flavor profile.  What you're left with is quite soothing with its blend of various apple varieties in expert artisanal hands.

So just what are you left with?  I recently had the distinct pleasure of sampling Comsi Comsa by Sauvage Apple Crisp at a private tasting and was immediately struck by some key things.  This wine is incredibly clean and smooth with both a sweetness and subtle dryness that hit the palette and balance each other so harmoniously.  I was hit by a realization that I was tasting something unique on two ends.  The purity of fresh apples come through loud and prolific while the seasoned slight roll of dryness creates a pleasing depth that rounds out the sip to leave you wanting more.  It's almost as if the bubbly crisp zip of this apple sparkling wine produces an herbal spiciness that satisfies and electrifies the tongue all at once while relaxing the brain without a cloying sweetness or overpowering dryness.  From the dazzling coppery golden color to the pleasant fresh-cut apple fragrance, the effervescent Apple Crisp is a really gold-star creation for Comsi Comsa by Sauvage.

For those of you reading this who get transplanted when enjoying a great wine, consider, when I tell you, that I instantly saw myself around friends enjoying amazing conversation during a perfect brunch.  Appropriately mellow enough to allow you to enjoy your sip without thinking twice about taking another, Comsi Comsa by Sauvage Apple Crisp is a platform foray into apple sparkling wine contentment.  The official launch date is November 15 so now is the time is mentally bookmark, gear your tastebuds and pre-arrange brunch dates among your cohorts in anticipation of this launch.  For more information on Comsi Comsa by Sauvage Apple Crisp and the regional distributors and local availability of it up to and after its launch please visit  Apple-picking and how you choose your form of apple just got that much more exciting.

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