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A New Familiar Way To Drink: A Fresh Thanksgiving Cocktail

Cranberry is that one fruit that for a lot of folks either makes its appearance on their Thanksgiving table or in their vodka-laced cocktail order.  Well I say split the difference.  I've got a way to keep it on the table and also make it fresh and new at your next bar-hop.  

First up, take Ocean Spray Unsweetened Pure Cranberry Juice on for size.  Think of it as the baker's chocolate of cranberries in that it's unsweetened, unadorned and untainted.  When you order or buy a cranberry juice 100% of the time it's cranberry juice cocktail with added sugars and sometimes other juices.  However, this new undertaking from Ocean Spray takes the juice of about 900 non-GMO cranberries per bottle with no sugar added and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  It's a tad tart as expected but provides a nice platform of pure cranberry flavor to build on top of.

Speaking of building on top of, a nice compliment to something as pure like Ocean Spray's Unsweetened Pure Cranberry Juice is Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer.  It's a non-alcoholic ginger beer made with real ginger and pure cane sugar.  The result is a ginger beer that celebrates the natural spiciness and fragrant quality of ginger.  This is a perfect refreshing beverage on its own, as a peppy replacement to ginger ale or as a nice topper for a Moscow Mule.  

Speaking of Moscow Mule, since I was originally talking about what could go on the Thanksgiving table, I'm going to offer up a great recipe for a Holiday Moscow Mule using Ocean Spray Unsweetened Pure Cranberry Juice and Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer that'll is a comforting grown and sexy addition to your Thursday affair.  

Dave's Holiday Moscow Mule

2 1/2 ounces           Gin
4 ounces                 Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer 
2 ounces                 Ocean Spray Unsweetened Pure Cranberry Juice
1 tablespoon          Fresh Lime juice
2 ounces                 Simple syrup
2 sprigs                  Rosemary
1 pinch                   Fresh grated ginger

Add lime juice to a copper mug (traditional mug for a Moscow Mule).  Then add ice, gin, ginger beer and cranberry juice in that order.  Stir then add rosemary sprigs.

This is a nice robust flavored Moscow mule remix.  The tartness of the cranberry juice pushes forward but the simple syrup evens its out then the ginger swoops in to add some peppery herbal warmth for a nice soothing finish.

Ocean Spray Unsweetened Pure Cranberry Juice is available now at your better local supermarkets.  Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer is currently available at your local groceries and supermarkets.  

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