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A Pampered Healthy Peace Of Mind: Omron Heat Pain Pro™ and Omron Evolv™

How do you pamper yourself?  A few whiskey-neats after a long day at the office, a great haircut &  shave while comfortably reclined in your favorite barber's chair both speak to pampering in some form.  However, as I've found this year, eating with a conscious mind, exercising to remain in peak shape and getting much needed R&R to feel rejuvenated are forms of pampering where being the best you gives peace of mind which so many people neglect today.  In addition to the mud masks, massages, mani/pedis and weekend excursions, what speaks to retaining your peace of mind nowadays is also making sure you're in good health which trickles over into mental wellness.  So in between doctor's visit and to deal with the knocks and jostling of the everyday, it's commendable when we find edifying ways to relieve our stresses, build ourselves from the inside out and stay abreast of our overall wellness is some way, shape or form.

This is why I'm happy to have discovered two products to help with my wellness duty from Omron, a medical equipment manufacturing company with endeavors to make monitoring your health at home accessible and easy for our active lives.  One such device I had the pleasure of discovering recently at Pepcom NYC was the Omron Heat Pain Pro™.  Part of their Eclectrotherapy Pain Relief line, the Heat Pain Pro™ has settings that use heat and/or TENS therapy (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to soothe various pains by nerve excitation through the use of skin adhesive electrodes.  Don't think of it as what you witness if a doctor yells "clear", but think of it more as a mild but effective way to soothe lower back, hip, shoulder, foot, elbow and arm pains with the relaxing and exacting stimulation of the nerves in those areas with heat and electric pulses.  What's nice is that the Heat Pain Pro™ has various ways and settings to alleviate pain with three combination settings of 15 minutes of heat & TENS , alternating 30 minute long short sessions of heat & TENS and the 30 minute option of just the electrical stimulation of TENS.  Users can then set the heat setting to high or low and finally can pick from 9 modes with each number targeting potential conditions ranging from stiffness, soreness and knots.  Each mode number has been specially formulated with ranges of combos of tapping, kneading and rubbing pulses for the aforementioned   body parts.  This is a great apparatus to have for after-workout soreness & stiffness, morning sleep pains and stress alleviations.

The Omron Evolv™ Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is the other device that goes with creating a piece of mind.  Healthy blood pressure numbers are essential to maintain as various eating and drinking habits, fitness regimens and daily stresses can all contribute to high blood pressure.  The sleek Evolv™fits snugly around the upper arm and is free from the usual appendage that takes your pulse.  That appendage on traditional blood pressure devices is built into the sleek digital unit.  The Evolv™ takes your blood pressure and pulse all in about 20 seconds and even has an app that can be linked by Bluetooth to your smartphone so you can record and keep track of all your results and even be alerted for signs of hypertension and irregualar heartbeat.  This is another great apparatus to have handy just to periodically maintain that a basic health vital is properly managed.

For more information on the Omron Heat Pain Pro™ and the Omron Evolv™ visit and you can find the Heat Pain Pro™ on Amazon here.  Being conscious, in my opinion, is an beneficial and responsible form of pampering.  Call it preventative and/or restorative pampering if you will, but it is just one step to helping you stay on top of being the best you so that you can enjoy life, your best life.   All for healthcare.

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