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Fending For Yourself With A Cocktail In Hand: Nemiroff Vodka

Are you getting ready to exchange holiday pleasantries?  "No I'm not married yet", "I don't think I've put on weight", "Yes this is my second plate" and "I realize I'm not getting any younger, thanks for noticing".  As unpleasant as some of the comments and queries may seem, perhaps you may want to bring along something to help you navigate through the pleasantries.  No, I'm not talking witty comeback quips like "I see you've put on weight too", "Perhaps you shouldn't have had a first plate", "Younger I may not be, but you're still older than me" and "I don't see a ring on your finger either".  Rather, think more two-fold as in a highbrow way to be festive and equipped to deliciously soften the off-putting comments and eye-rolling scenarios like bringing a good spirit in tow.

Red wine has always seemed to be that safe drink of choice, however the characteristically universal appeal of vodka is that spirit of choice that can appropriately speak to many.  I recently had the pleasure of discovering Nemiroff Vodka.  As vodka is not my usual go to spirit, I found the more than 140 year old traditions of Nemiroff reassuring in that they probably knew the good vodka tradition.  I was in fact right.  There is a smoothness and fluidity to Nemiroff Vodka that doesn't linger and one that works well with very simple garnishes to make for a great sipper on the rocks or a welcomed neutral but complimentary marriage to bar favorites like screwdrivers or cosmos.  Hailing from a small distillery in the Ukraine, it started off as Nemyriv in 1872 and reemerged as Nemiroff in 1992 to still offer premium distilled vodka with 11 stages of filtration and a well-crafted tenure under its belt. 

What's more is that Nemiroff Honey Pepper Flavoured Vodka also puts in the work and gives a little pepper and sweet kick to your palette.  A sip packs a dash of saccharine and spice that both linger a bit on the tongue to marry nicely together with an underlying herbal warmth that is satisfying and comforting.  After my first sip I imagined what the flavor profile would be like heightened so I concocted a little martini recipe (listed below) that I called The Comrade's Kick.  Whether you escape or liven things up with a spirit for the holidays, Nemiroff Vodka is a good tasting, handsomely bottled and seasoned vodka to get the job done.  What a delicious and handy excuse to both share a moment and dodge a moment from the color that can come from our families during the holidays.  Nemiroff Vodka is available at your finer spirit, wine and alcohol retailers and as always, please remember to drink and enjoy responsibly.  

The Comrade's Kick

3 1/2 fluid ounces      Nemiroff Honey Pepper Flavoured Vodka
1 fluid ounce              Dry vermouth
1 tablespoon              Simple syrup
3-4 slices                     Fresh chili pepper ( I used Fresno chilis)
1 cup                           Ice cubes

*Green olives and extra chili slices for garnishing.

Add vodka, dry vermouth, simple syrup and chili slices to a cocktail mixing glass.  Add ice and stir until chilled.  Strain into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with olives and fresh cut chilis on a toothpick.

The result is definitely a cocktail with a kick.  You may want to add less chilis if heat isn't too much of your thing as they pack some punch or a tad more simple syrup if you prefer a sweeter drink.  The flavors of the vodka really come to life enhanced by the fresh ingredients then are mellowed out a bit with the verdant pep of the vermouth, but still pack a nice potency for a fun and strong cocktail.

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