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Merrier This Season (And Beyond) With Muse: Muse™ The Brain Sensing Headband

We're all victim to it in some form.  There's a bombardment of information today that, although we are said to use far less than even 50% of our brain capacity, we can't even manage on the percentages that we do use.  Have you noticed how reading a mens magazine nowadays can often look as busy as the Dow Jones updates, breaking news, soft-selling ads and coming up next info flashing across the screen during a CNN broadcast?  Have you also noticed that although an article may seem of importance in an accredited newspaper, we often long for the very highly edited concise paragraphed version from outlets like Metro and AM?  Our brains need help with the lists, the hypnotic allure of our smartphones, our occupational demands and, if you're like me, shutting down so you can get to sleep at night.

Relief in getting the actively running brain to chill comes in the form of Muse™, the brain sensing headband.  Muse uses EEG sensor technology to provide real time audio and visual feedback on an individual's meditative state through a companion app on Android or iOS devices.  Interaxon, introduced Muse in 2014, to bring meditation practices to the consumer market and the technology has gone on to help a cross-section of individuals from executives to middle school students.  The headband uses the EEG sensors to detect brain activity in users as they meditate.  It then offers feedback via the app to help users to re-focus their attention that overtime helps them to develop stronger focus, mindfulness practices, stress-control and overall mood. 

I immediately connected with this product and its benefits since I, as well as many commuters, professionals and city-dwellers, find that multi-tasking causes us to seek vices to deal with the various demands, upsets and stresses.  Muse's mission to enable us to live more happier, healthier and in-the-moment lives is what drives their brainwave technological innovations.  This is kind of essential to help those who find it difficult to relax, pay attention and focus and who are seeking outlets to make day-to-day normalities less mind-numbing.  For more information on this restorative technology visit and also visit and where today they will be offering exclusive gift-giving Black Friday discounts on the unit and a hardcase in savings of more than $100.

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