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Season's Greeting, Healthy Eating: Cucina & Amore Farro With Quinoa Meals

Tis the season....for becoming manic.  While there's many suggestions for not getting frazzled with running around for the season's holiday preparations, chances are you'll either ignore them or listen to them but succumb to the frazzling anyway.  When schedules don't go as planned, when lines get intolerably long, when the downtown location sells out of that sweater so you have to head uptown, you can sometimes forget your basic necessities like courtesy, staying stress-free and, of course, eating.  

I've just passed my six month vegan mark and, while I feel better overall, its been quite a mission at times to find some form of nourishment, even in New York City, that is animal free and won't expand my waistline exponentially.  So the thought of the holiday hustle and bustle making it even worse to find something non dairy-laced or not jerky-fied may get more daunting.  However, when life get annoying, it's certainly comforting to know that it can also move in a relieving satisfying way.  

Earlier on site this year I shared my discovery of the wonderful Cucina & Amore's Quinoa Meals.  Well now chalk up another homeroom for the brand with their Farro with Quinoa Quick Meal.  Farro is a type of ancient wheat grain thats high in fiber and an excellent source of iron, magnesium and protein.  The Farro Meals come in three varieties of Roast Pepper & Artichoke, Grilled Vegetables & Herbs and Artichoke, Lemon & Roasted Garlic.  Key to Cucina Et Amore is the handy packaging that comes equipped with easy to assemble containers for both the Farro with quinoa and the veggies and a spoon to make it easy to enjoy on the go (no heat necessary).  

What's more ensuring is that the Farro Meals are still non-GMO, nut-free, 100% vegan and have no sugar added.  The farro is fluffy and hearty and the veggie cups are flavorful and rich.  They are a healthful grab & go, sit in the office or at home and enjoy meal that provides peace of mind that you're getting sustenance and nutrition.  Perfect to whip out while dashing from store to store before closing hours or to enjoy while catching  a sit-down breather before going your next department store wrap-around line.  Cucina & Amore Farro With Quinoa Meals is available now at The Fresh Market (visit here for store locations near you) and will be available for purchase on in January 2018.  What to eat while on the go just got crossed off your list! 

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