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The Want Of The Modern Man: Want Les Essentiels Mens Holiday Collection

You have Thanksgiving dinner on the brain, holiday decorations to wrangle or visiting family to contend with shortly but before you know it, that infectious bug that makes you ditch your 'bah humbug' attitude and want to snag presents to become that holiday hero will rear its head.  I always say look at that gent's life or even your own life and think about getting the core necessities out of the way first.  So when thinking core, always go for quality since these are essentially items that will go through the beatings of the everyday.  

You've seen me cover their wonderful items in the past and their present mens holiday collection still stands as testament to why.  Want Les Essentiels is a very well designed brand that offers men quality, handsome and practical accessories with a modern yet classic execution.  In this age of information overload, there is a great need to simplify one's life with organization and order to free up the brain to be bombarded with breaking news, traffic delays, commuting nightmares and work-related stresses.

What Want Les Essentials does so well is to pare down a man's accessory essentials with a streamlined elegance and luxury without sacrificing quality and design.  The results are fresh color, beautiful skins and fabrics and practical refined details that speak to the functionality that a man may look for in his daily routine.  This in turn adds to the dialogue of confidence that a man builds for himself by having one less material thing to overly concern himself with.  

The Mens Holiday Collection from Want Les Essentials offers up sumptuous textures and pristine details to personal items like wallets, folios, laptop bags, key rings, scarves, belts and shoes among other items.  If in New York City, swing by their latest store at 301 West 4th Street New York, NY 10014 in the West Village and peruse the accessible luxury that is Want Les Essentiels.  Your inner-luxurious nature will thank me later. 

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