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A Hardy Holiday: Hardy Cognac Review

If Thanksgiving was any indication, you may feel that what is to be one of the most joyous times of the year could very well become one of the most annoying times of the year.  Why?  People can have a penchant for spreading gloom and doom just as easily as they can have a propensity to spread mirth and cheer when faced with carolers, family, shoppers and long lines.  For this reason alone, I can't really suggest how to approach your holiday cheer (or holiday regret) without suggesting a sure-shot way to ease into whatever the holidays may bring you.  

If you're old enough to enjoy a nice spirit to combat or revel in the season's on-comings then you've probably already developed some way to deal with the highs and lows.  However, there's always room for satisfying improvements.  Think trading in the heat of a fire for the warmth of a sip and the aroma of gingerbread for the fragrance of a soothing spirit like Hardy Cognac.  

The award-winning tenured Hardy Cognac was founded by the British gent Anthony Hardy in 1863 and is branded as 'combining the elegance of Petite Champagne with the delicacy of Borders'.  What you uncover when first experience Hardy is an aromatic rush with the fresh sweet notes of orange citrus and vanilla mixed with the toasty soothing notes of a delicately brewed cappuccino and tender oaken scent.  You then relish in the brilliant molten amber hue followed by a sip with the relaxing warmth of coffee,  zest of citrus and a distinct sweetness that just creates a full-bodied refined sense of relief.  This is such a nice cognac that lovingly rolls over and gently lingers on the palette which is a plus since the rich flavor is a satisfying key to creating a piquant coziness.  

The sleek and handsomely sculpted bottle of Hardy Cognac and the streamlined depiction of the brand's characteristic rooster ties right in line with their seasoned French luxury and uniqueness.  Hardy Cognac is labored over with craftsmanship and love in Limousin's oak barrels with an aging between 2-12 years.  Discover all the Hardy Cognac varieties at  It'll serve as an attractive addition to your collection at home and not to mention a welcomed one on those days when, in lieu of a hearth and massage, the toasty warmth of a sip and a soothing stroke over the palette is all you need.   

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