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From The Isle Of Islay To Your Glass: The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

How do you take your gin?  Perhaps you don't talk it at all (shame on you).  Well there's well-enough reason to start to discover the grown and seasoned loveliness of that clear spirit of tradition.  The juniper, the herbal fragrance with whiffs of berry and spicy essences and the satisfying warmth of the flow over the gullet and into the tummy all conspire to make for a wonderfully refreshing and distinctive drink.  

So in speaking of distinctive, I can't go on without mentioning a gin I had the pleasure of enjoying recently.  The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is a unique gin that gets its core ingredients from the Scottish Hebridean Islands' Isle of Islay.  Twenty-two island-grown botanicals, including barks, seeds, peels and nine different berries are harvested to compose a flavor profile that is verdant and lively from being kissed by the briny Atlantic oceanic air and crisp winds from the North together with the familiar gin nods of juniper and coriander.  Then time-honored (and protected) Hebridean Island distilleries cultivate a smooth and sharp gin that is as distinguishing as it is artfully inspired in its labor of love tactics to procure an exciting platform spirit.  

What's special about The Botanist is that the taste is clean and the expansive assembling of ingredients blend well with other fresh ingredients that may be grown similarly or have likened flavor profiles.  At that I attended that introduced me to this gin, I got to experience the versatility of The Botanist with uniquely curated drinks that were remixes on classic gin cocktails.  The sweet, sharp and fizzy Poached & Tonic, the earthy, floral and tart Beet Rose Spritz and the zesty, peppery and saccharine So Much Better Than A Bloody Mary were all stellar cocktails that showcased the range of this gin in delicious and insightful ways. 

Rounding out the night of discovery was a knowledge-filled intro to The Botanist and its specially-formed history together with the chance for the guests to try our hands at cocktail-creating.  Complete with How-To placards, I discovered that I make a pretty good (and potent) Beet Rose Sprtiz and I also got a much better idea as to how the fresh ingredients created a great compliment to a gin with a delightfully vibrant flavor experience.

For more information on the interesting history on The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, visit  their website and visit here to purchase and as always, please remember to drink and enjoy responsibly.

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