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Life In Person, Not Just On Your Phone: Kodak Printomatic and Photo Printer Mini

We've all been there haven't we?  That peculiar place when our smart phones tell us that our photo wishes have exceeded their capacity to fulfill them.  What do you do when the memory runs out or the storage gets as full as our bellies post a holiday meal at mom's?  Some of you may or may not remember or recall with fondness those large bound books at your grandparent's called albums.  For before albums were only associated with going platinum, the album was what held your familial history and reminded you of that moment when that high or low was captured on film.  There's something sweetly dedicated to be said of still writing things down, picking up a phone to talk and, yes, holding a photo in hand.  I, for one, am still a purist in that way.  For that reason alone is why I loved discovering at a recent Pepcom here in New York City, a couple of convenient tech gadgets that bridged my love of the familiar with my respect for the new.

Kodak, the company synonymous with pictures & cameras and all that great stuff that capture the way we live our lives, has got two products I want to share with you.  First up on the roster is the Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera.  This is an amazingly light and handy camera that houses it's own photo lab.  The Printomatic houses ten sheets of quality photo paper at a time and with one touch of a button you can take cool color or black and white photos that slide coolly and quickly out the side of the camera.  There is even a slot for the option to store photos taken on the camera on a microSD card of up to 32GB.  Added bonuses are a built lithium ion battery that charges quickly, an indicator of low battery power, printing in progress indicator and automatic focus and an advanced optical viewfinder T6.  The camera also loads with Kodak Zink Photo Paper that is water and tear resistant and adhesive-backed.  Check out my video at the top of this post and see how quick and easy it is to use:    

Next up is the Kodak Photo Printer Mini.  Some of us refuse to part with our smartphones and the Photo Printer Mini makes it so you don't have to.  You can sync your iPhone or Android devices to the printer over wifi and then have a range of options to control the output of your photos, such as video print, image search and SNS photo, through a free Kodak App.  The app also allows you to edit photos before printing with tools like filters, photo brushes and features a camera option to take photos while in the app as well.  The Photo Printer Mini is also incredibly light and a full color cartridge complete with ten sheets of quality photo paper tucks neatly into a flush side compartment.  See how great the photo turns out in my video below:

If anything at all I hoped I've solved your gift-giving conundrums for at least a few people this holiday season with a pair of gadgets that put the fun of physical photos in-hand back into the holiday festivities.  The Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera and the Kodak Photo Printer Mini are both available now at here at and here at  Classic familiarities meet modern handiness.

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