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Raise Your Hand If Your Swayed: Sway Underarm Deodorant

It seems that every other day there's a list that comes out, a report that's recapped or statistics that are tabulated that send us deeper into information overload.  What's more is that many of these findings that say 'nay' contradict findings that only years earlier said 'yay'.  So at the end of the day many of us, instead of choosing what to do, decide to do nothing at all.  Information-overload oftentimes leads to disinterest.  Well there are several findings lately that call to question the presence of paraben-filled cosmetics, pore-blocking comedogenic products and aluminum-laden antiperspirants and deodorants.  All this serves as the growing push for more natural product awareness and usage.  In a sense, there's a growing push for products that help to solve and manage problems short-term without creating newer problems for you in the long-run.

Enter Sway, a natural cosmetics company that has two simple restorative products.  Sway offers a natural detox deodorant and underarm dusting powder to help rid you of your anti-persperant/deodorant woes.  In their deodorant, the company uses ingredients like apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, rose flower water, tea tree oil, clary sage and West Indian sandalwood oil to treat the conditions of underarm sweat and odor in an all natural way.  The common skepticism is that the strength of certain natural products don't pack the punch of chemically-laden products which is why I had to test Sway out myself.  First, Sway has a soothing herbal aroma and the tea tree oil, sage and sandalwood come through with an intense verdant punch.  It went on smoothly with the roll-on and after 30-45 seconds drying time, then came the dusting powder.  Sway offers the powder for extra added freshness and dryness.  It boasts natural ingredients like arrowroot powder, orange oil and grapefruit oil.  A simple dusting after the deodorant dried and it was time to get dressed to let the test begin.

The result was a good one.  First off, let me just say that I'm a guy and I tend to perspire a lot and Sway stood up to one of my workday's movements and sweat-filled stresses.  I undressed at the end of the night and saw no residue of deodorant, the powder and had no untoward odors.  However, that wasn't the end of the test.  It had to be a week long trial and I must say that by Friday Sway was still as odorless and working fine as the first application days before.  It's formulated to get your underarms used to it after repeated use and, without the alcohol and aluminum, its great on darker skin tones too.  

The Sway Underarm Detox Starter Kit is available now at their website  Not a bad gift at all for the holidays or to just keep cool and odor-free while running around for the holidays.

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