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The Sweet Side of Brazil: Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça

You know the saying that's always retorted when you suggest to someone that they're drinking a cocktail too early? "Well it's two o'clock somewhere ain't it?" or whatever earlier than cocktail hour time it is is mentioned as the justification to imbibe.  When I think of the holidays here in the U.S., the festive spirits/drinks that come to mind are usually brandy for egg nog, red wine for mulled wine, champagne for toasting or bourbon for a hot toddy.  Well this season I had the distinct pleasure of discovering Brazilian Cachaça and while it may not be the quintessential holiday spirit, the flavor had me exclaiming "Well it's the holiday season in Brazil ain't it?".

All that is to suggest that you just may want to add Cachaça to you spirit bucket list and home bar.  The Silver Cachaça from Novo Fogo is an exceptional Cachaça that is distilled in copper pots and made from organic sugar cane grown in the Brazilian state of Paraná.  It's then rested in stainless steel tanks until its ready to be sipped, mixed in the Brazilian national drink the Caipirinha or used as the base spirit in a modified Negroni cocktail.  So let's get to the flavor.  Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça has an herbal aroma similar to that of banana blossoms and you can surely smell the sweet rustic scent of the sugar cane.  The sip ushers in a deep flavor profile that starts off with a warm peppery nod, a tangy almost lemony kick and an interesting briny lingering.  All together with the sugar cane the notes achieve a balance and give off a nice herbal pop that finishes with a faint saltiness to doesn't linger but ends the sip with a clean memorable satisfaction.  

Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça is like a zesty dancing rum with intense flavors that surprise.  With that in mind, I thought about taking a simple rum cocktail and remixing it with this spirit.  I call it the Cachaça Two-Step.

Cachaça Two-Step

3.5 ounces                Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça
1 ounce                     Simple Syrup
1/2                            Lime
1                               Maraschino cherry
1 wedge                    Pineapple

Place the Cachaça and simple syrup into a shaker with ice then squeeze in the juice of the half of lime.  Shake it up for about 20 seconds.  Pour everything (including ice) into a lowball glass and then garnish with the cherry and pineapple wedge.

This is a quick and easy cocktail that marries nicely with the tropical essence of the Cachaça's sugar cane.  The presence of the lime serves to beef up the citrus notes in the spirit and the simple syrup balances out the heat and depth of the flavor profile nicely.

For more information on Novo Fogo and all their complete spirits line-up please visit  Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça is available now at your better Alcohol, Wine and Spirit retailers as as always please remember to drink responsibly.

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