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The Warmth Of Whiskey, Clyde's Way: Clyde May's Alabama Style Whiskey

Oh the weather outside is frightful!  Let that sink in for a sec.  If you're anywhere in the New York City Metro/New England east coast area then the below-freezing temps as of late have elicited fright rather than delight.  It's to be expected though.  After all, the winter time (even though it's technically not winter yet) brings in cold weather, wind chills, snowfalls, single-digit temps and thankfully hot toddies.  Not that you needed the winter as an excuse to imbibe, but nothing gets at that bone-chilled core more than a good whiskey.  The pleasure of toddies and other seasonally delectable libations can involve rums and brandies, but I recently rediscovered a deliciously satisfying whiskey that stood out in a strong way to warm me up all on its own. 

Clyde May's Alabama Style Whiskey delivers a great award-winning whiskey experience with as much a flavorful punch as it has a flavorful history.  This whiskey started as Conecuh Ridge Whiskey back in the mid 1900s from Clyde May, a legendary moonshiner and bootlegger.  May's ingenuity and belief in the platform production and quality of his whiskey may have landed him in hot water several times but his product was heralded by friends and family who had the pleasure of imbibing.  After his death in 1990 May's son Kenny decided to revive his dad's prized recipe to honor his quiet but definitive legacy and that whiskey became the official state spirit in 2004.  However, still not content to let the spirit live on, Kenny May's efforts to carry on his dad's vision fell on more checkered times with the Alabama government and fusspots in the state's legislature, but today has  thankfully finally found a home in the Conecuh Ridge Distillery.  So Clyde May's Alabama Style Whiskey will live on.  

Now just what does that whiskey experience comprise of?  Well, let's start with Clyde May's distinct recipe for his whiskey which used Alabama spring water and oven-dried apples in his heavy-charred white oak barrels.  This recipe is remastered today with a 4 year minimum aged straight bourbon with the hint of natural apple.  The result is the fragrant aroma of sweet apples followed by a soothing spiciness like fresh cinnamon.  The woody oak, apple essence and seasoned spice come through with a smooth full-bodied flavor that finishes cleanly and goes down warmly.  This is a comforting spirit and the Alabama Style presence of the apple really makes this a sipping winner or hot toddy stunner.  

You'll really want to keep this whiskey in your home bar and ask for it at your bar of choice.  It would be a shame to miss out on the carefully-crafted vision of Clyde's that he risked and fought so dearly to create.  Maybe look for it today and coin it just as Clyde did 50 years ago as his 'Christmas Whiskey' just in time for holiday festivities.  Clyde May's Alabama Style Whiskey is available now at your finer alcohol, wine and spirit retailers and as always, please remember to drink and enjoy responsibly. 

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